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Where and who to give a good titfuck
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Where and who to give a good titfuck

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Is it true that the best titfucks, known in Spain as Cuban, are done in Cuba?

For the highest satisfaction, do we need an escort with large breasts? Are just as good the operated ones than those which are not? And, above all, will you be able to reach an orgasm with this especial practice?

All your doubts about one of the most dreamed of fantasies are just about to dissipate. Sex, as we always say, is a lot more than what we’ve been thought. Don’t stop at blowjobs and a missionary, go beyond, up to where we forget about prejudices.

They, the real Cubans

When we talk about real Cubans about this practice, the first thing they do is to start laughing. “I think it’s funny something like this is called Cuban. It must be because the fame of our tits is great, and rightly so!”

The titfuck consists, as we know, with masturbating a man with the breasts instead of with the hands. The penis is placed in the middle and, with the help of the hands, the breasts move up and down until the orgasm is reached.

The time it may last depends on whether we want to make it longer or how horny we are and how good they do it. In any case, to experiment a titfuck, we don’t need a native from the Caribbean Island just to be eager to try new experiences and choose the appropriate escort.

In the ideal company

The practice of the titfuck is very common in the world of escorts. Whether due to the porn cinema which shows it as one of the recurring scenes or due to the common imaginary, many men wish to make it come true.

We don’t always find the perfect partner to live a titfuck. We need an escort with large tits and practice. The experts in this matter comment that “the best is to start with a blow job and combine it with a titfuck. This way, the man is well excited and reaches orgasm much more pleasurably”.

When meeting an escort who mentions a titfuck as a service in her profile, we can talk to her and arrange exactly how we want it from beginning to end.

The most appropriate place

The best place to experiment a titfuck is one in which we can meet an escort. At Perla Negra you can date the best girls experts in titfuck and let yourself go by a wild evening.

A select atmosphere, discreet, quiet and luxury suites ate the perfect formula for the best titfuck. When one finally chooses the profile of an escort and chooses the best place in town, one expects everything to be perfect. For that fantasy to come true and we can live it with every detail, have a look at the website of Perla Negra Barcelona.

A plasma screen, Nespresso coffeemaker, chromotherapy and luxury, are some of the qualities of its suites. Therefore, as you’ve decided to let your passion free, let nothing come between you and your fantasy. Get in contact with the escort you prefer, book a date with her and let Perla Negra Barcelona surprise you with the rest.

Titfuck variations

Our neighbors, the French, always present in the Iberian sexual imaginary, have given name, with or without their consent, to a variation of the titfuck. The titfuck blowjob, known in Spain as French tie, combines a blow job and a titfuck and seems more pleasurable than its companion.

In the titfuck blowjob the escort gives a blowjob but doesn’t hold the penis with her hands, instead, she does it with the breasts. When the moments comes to choose, I’m sure you’ll choose both experiences. You can start with a titfuck and continue with a blowjob titfuck, it all depends on how imaginative and daring you are.

If breasts are what you like…

If you’re passionate about feminine breasts, we can propose more experiences to enjoy them fully. As well as the titfuck and the blowjob titfuck, that will make you feel all the power of femininity, there are other services equally hot you can ask your favorite escort for.

Among the experiences that go beyond the usual, the massages. In them we can find some high voltage ones. Sensuality, connection and high sensitivity are some of their qualities.

In the Nuru Massage, the escort uses her whole body to relax yours. As what excites you the most are the tits, you can ask her to use them instead of other parts of her sculptural body.

Nuru is a Japanese seaweed; translated it means “slippery”. Once covered the mattress with a special cover, the Nuru gel is applied on the naked bodies. The massage is done sliding one over the other pressing with the feet, butt and, of course, breasts.

Another massage of this kind is the body to body, in which the procedure is the same however, essential oils are used. These are less slippery and can add aroma to the treatment.

Try with cinnamon essential oil and a room with relaxing music, candle light and the company of the escort. No details are needed to know we can enjoy the experience to the maximum and it doesn’t have anything to envy to the typical missionary.

If two breasts are not enough for you, have a party with two escorts. You can choose between the duo and the lesbian. In the first the escorts don’t touch each other and in the second a full on ménage à trois takes place. Ask them to caress you with their breasts at the same time, ask them all kind of games and enjoy their company.

Here are some of the suggestions for those clients that are super fans of the breasts of a woman. You can start with a titfuck and step up your game. I’m sure you’ll repeat more than one.

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