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The prostitutes are saving Europe
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Whores, Europe's bailout “boosters”

Tuesday 10 June 2014
Nor the banks, neither the politicians are able to raise the economic incomes in the European countries, so they have decided to include in the GDP (Gross Domestic Production) the profits drugs and whores businesses produce, around 10 billion euros per country.

We have witnessed it in many corruption cases in Spain and worldwide; sometimes millions of euros vanish apparently and later on we learn they have been spent in whores and cocaine. Recently in Palma of Majorca and Andalusia, lots of money were spent in whores and cocaine, and it might be the same story in all the villas in old Europe -the biggest old hooker- as we say, with age comes wisdom.

To save the economic catastrophic figures, the current big think tanks, who must have got their Political Science diplomas in distance learning courses, have had a brilliant idea! At least it might be a step forward for the business legalization, because it is terrible how some foreign girls are left in Spanish motorways and industrial parks, waiting for clients and being threatened to death themselves and their families by the mobsters, suffering the legal gap.

In 2016, prostitution and drug businesses will be published in the economic figures of all the European Union countries, still being illegal because of the gross profits they provide to world banks and governments. Some countries like Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Italy and Spain have registered in this figures list. The last three countries, thanks to their illegal activities, have increased their income in about 10 billion per country. The published data point to that half the profit comes from drug dealing and the other half from prostitution.

Whores and drugs vs. bread and circus

If prostitution is a good money-mover, and if there are so many people who prefer to spend their money and profits in sex, why the European Union does not legalize the business, besides including it in its accountancy activities?

It is understandable people who earn lots of money spend it in big and expensive pleasures, as long as it is their own money, of course. To book a date with a beautiful luxury escort is something most gentlemen dream of. If many men require it and it is so profitable, why not legalizing the business from top to toe? Once it is accepted in the national accountancy of the European Union countries, what does stop exposing totally the whole sex business activity?

The second option, bread and circus, it is much less attractive. It is not the same “to eat” a sandwich than a stunning escort, of course not. And it is not the same to go to a football match than an escorts party from overseas, all of them ready to give us the time of our lives. It is not the same the crumbs than the whole cake; so being the cake the most acclaimed, and being included in the European accountancy activities, are we about to legalize the business?

Some countries like Germany and the Netherlands have open up the path of prostitution business legalization. We know it is not an easy path, full of inconvenience, but if we have in mind the sexual workers must be protected and must show free will in the job undertaking, the target should be achieved in a relatively short time.

Mob business: motorways and industrial parks' prostitution

It is difficult to detect by the police, because the victims are afraid of talking. They were taken and told in their home countries they would have a better life and job, but what they found out, once they stepped off the vehicles, was a mob network waiting to exploit them. Mobsters tell them they owe a huge amount of money and that they will have to work at least ten years to pay the debt, and that their job will be whoring around motorways and industrial parks. That is how they end up living in a hole like slaves.

This terrible arrangement would not be as such if some clients were not looking away, maybe suspecting about the dire story behind these girls, who have no other choice than becoming whores; but they are pussy hunters and they rather thinking otherwise, they convince themselves these girls are performing their ideal job, that the chicks are happy with ten or twenty euros, and afterwards they go home feeling great. This client pays to support the mobsters' network and then leaves with no regrets.

Most of the motorway and industrial park whore hunters think these girls are happy and willing to perform this job. They truly believe it. They believe it because they need to in order to get quick and cheap sex, not thinking much about anything else; but the truth is most of these girls become whores under mobsters' threatening. Obviously the girls will not share their problems with the clients, because they need to attract and retain them in order to pay their debts.

The honest way to enjoy sex for money is to book dates with escorts who freely and safely perform their jobs, looking after hygienic conditions and working in the sex business by free will.

high-standing clubs the escorts get the best deals, with health and hygiene awareness for themselves and the rooms they pay for in case of use. If prostitution is a matter of interest, the client must be responsible enjoying sex for money always aware of the girl's free will, making sure there is no threat behind. One of the best ways of destroying mobster's businesses and their girls' abuse, is stopping the support some men give to them by hanging around motorways and industrial parks.
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