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Prostitution in Barcelona, fines up to €30,000
Sex and Prostitution

Fines, professional intrusion in the prostitution industry, and the escorts' point of view

Tuesday 16 September 2014
Whores in Barcelona and their clients: up to 30,000 € fines

From now on, whores in Barcelona -properly speaking prostitution workers in Barcelona and anywhere else- will have to be more cautious when doing business with a craving client who wants to fuck a street hooker, because the Home Office is not joking now and has approved a new regulation that makes harder the sex for money business in Spanish streets, roundabouts and corners. Fines go from 1,001 € up to 30,000 €.

According to the Home Office new regulation, “the offering, demand, transaction and uptake of prostitution services close to children areas, such as parks and schools, or places where road safety, such as shoulders, can be endangered”, from now on is a problem with society, especially for children; this regulation has a point, and we wonder how come this regulation has not been approved before.

Mankind of tomorrow

Future citizens with rights should not grow up watching ladies being treated as a piece of Iberian ham -the lucky ones. This scene, in a child's eye, is offensive and can be rooted as a dangerous mantrap in the bottom of his mind. Parents feel lost when their child is asking about what these two people are doing, on one side, the woman dressed in that way, and on the other side, that man eager for a fifteen euros blowjob, sometimes even ten.

Let's not forget the impact on the little girls' minds who are watching the whores in Barcelona's activities -generally speaking prostitution in Barcelona- as a job, a role they can follow in the future either if they want it or not.

How about the high school boys and girls, when meeting after school find themselves watching the whores in Barcelona making business with the greedy prostitution “associates”, for instance?

These are seeds sowed in children's and youngsters' brains, and when watched over and over again, can become a dangerous natural reality perception, and it is not.

Apart from child protection of this street performance -a twisted men and women relationship point of view for a child-, the regulation pretends to enforce road safety for vehicles, because whores in Barcelona make their deals with drivers in the middle of the roads very often. Sometimes people go for prostitution in Barcelona services in suburbia, for instance in roundabouts, and it becomes a big danger when a car stops in the middle of a roundabout, or when a vehicle suddenly slows down in order to look up what's going on in that corner.

Professional intrusion in Barcelona

Many professions are invaded by professional intrusion, like the IT engineers or journalists ones. A lot of people do not have a degree in these professions, however they carry out a job as a proper qualified individual in the chosen subject.

Is there professional intrusion in prostitution in Barcelona industry? According to our research, yes, there is. A journalist woman advertises her services in the social networks offering companionship and massage for a high fee. Some whores in Barcelona have pulled their nails off, because the so-called journalist admits she is not a whore, she only does “that” during her free time, she only wants to have dinner and a conversation with the client, not only to have sex with him.

Whores in Barcelona, or generally speaking prostitution in Barcelona, sometimes walk like a cat on a hot tin roof, because they see the 
young whores' business rising as a coming menace for their jobs, plus the professional intrusion by these women who do it for pleasure during their free time, who they actually do it for money -although they deny it-, since prostitution has been, is and will be a sex for money business, not a light entertainment.

Prostitutes in Barcelona's point of view

Talking with a 
senior escort about the rising of the very young whores in the industry, she says “This is not a problem for me, because my clients are specifically looking for a senior escort, and they do it because it is better to choose a 35+ years old escort as companion, a partner-looking woman, who has a mature conversation and good manners a very young whore about eighteen does not have”.

Another girl, this time an 
independent escort, says “I am twenty years old and I am really busy, but I cannot compete with many services a senior escort can offer, simply because I am not that, and I don't know if I will be in a future. I don't work for agencies, I am a uni girl escort who is offering passionate sex for a good amount of money and nothing else; I am not interested in accompanying or talking with the client, I only look for pure sex for money exchange. Maybe I am simply one of the many whores in Barcelona but not a companion”.

We have spoken with a girl who calls herself “whore in Barcelona” and, as the girl above, she offers nothing but sex, pure fantasy and goodbye. She is not a very young whore neither a senior whore, she is 28 years old and speaks out clearly what she expects from the business “to make money and to make contacts, maybe, but this is not essential. In this business you can earn fast good money, I don't want to show off around with the clients, I just want to give my best in private and to make them come back over and over again”.

It looks like many 
prostitutes in Barcelona are real professionals who do not work part time in anything else, probably because they work long shifts with intense physical activity and make enough good money.
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