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Escort Andrea


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Meet Andrea...

Hi, I'm Andrea, a gorgeous blonde Spanish luxury escort!!! I love sex, I'm totally addicted to it, I love everything and deep Greek anal sex (A-levels) is my star service!!!! Count on me for any event such as a bachelor party or a business dinner, I'll make you lose all sense of time thanks to my breathtaking curves!!! Don't take any longer, call now and set up a date, we are many luxury sluts collaborating at Perla Negra sex club, but I'm one of the best, so you'll become crazy when you see me, you won't regret coming over to the brothel!!!

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About Andrea

  • Shift: Night
  • Age: 32
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Measures: 105-60-95
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Outcalls: To hotel, To domicile
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Height: 165 cm.
  • Weight: 50 kg.
  • Services: Bareback Blowjob,  Erotic massages,  Greek,  Duplex

Escort Andrea
Escort Andrea
Escort Andrea
Escort Andrea

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INTERVIEW: The best I can give them is my affection

Most people’s ideas about being an escort in Barcelona are based in movies, TV series, and the observation of street workers. Cinema and TV have filled our head with nonsenses regarding sex industry. Today, we are interviewing a sex worker to get deep in myths and legends about escorts in Barcelona.

Can an escort in Barcelona get rid of the myths and legends imposed by mass media?

We project an image of us that we can beat when we and our client become friends. Many people think that you are a little crazy or that you are only a whore. When you date the same clients several times and get to know each other better, they usually change their mind.

Is it true that you must go through a job interview to become an escort in Barcelona?

No, it isn’t. I started in sex business because I sent my pictures to a renowned club and they didn’t call me for a job interview; they only called me to ask me if I could start working the following day. You must be hot and sluty in bed to become an escort in Barcelona, but you don’t have to go through a job interview; I know many waitresses who have had to go through more job interviews and tests than me.

How was your first date? Do you remember it as something remarkable?

No, not really. He was a man in his sixties who wanted to be given a blowjob and to have normal sex. We did it and then he paid and left. I don’t remember anything special, but it was my first experience as an escort in Barcelona. When I was done, I found that I was able to do this every day, that it wasn’t big deal. It is represented as to be a trauma in movies, but it wasn’t like that in my case.

As an escort in Barcelona, do you earn a fixed amount of money in exchange for your sexual services, or do you negotiate your rates?

On the online escorts advertises there are orientative rates, but clients can ask for other services you couldn’t imagine in the middle of a date, so then you must negotiate your rates as if you were at a local market. It is very important to have a high self-esteem and set a high price for the extraordinary and compromising services you offer. For instance, pornstar escorts behave as if they were acting in a movie, so they don’t use condoms and accept that clients cum in their mouth; they are risking their health, that is expensive.

Are better valued experienced escorts in Barcelona than inexperienced ones?

I think that prostitution is the only field where it is more valued being inexperienced than being an expert. Men love going punting and want them to act really sluty, but they also feel excited by virgin, naïve and inexperienced girls. It is kind of contradictory, but they feel attracted by newcomer escorts to the business. There is a kind of client who only pay for fucking new escorts in Barcelona. Sometimes, because they get aroused by thinking they are the first in doing something, other times they want to take advantage of their lack of experience and get some services for free.

Wealthy old men. This is an stereotype of escort clients in Barcelona for many people. Is it true?

It is getting more usual that men from all ages date escorts in Barcelona. I myself have clients in their thirties who are married or divorced and don’t feel like getting to know a new girl, they only want to have sex without complications. Not all my clients are wealthy, I have some who date me once a month to have a special moment, they can’t afford seeing me every week.

Drugs, alcohol, walking the line; these are some of the ideas that cinema has projected about prostitutes.

Every people lives will be as they want them to be; escorts in Barcelona are alike to this. Some of them are obsessed with luxury, champagne and trips; some other escorts have a quieter life, we aren’t always available to fuck, we also make an effort to have our own life. I like taking care of myself; I go to the gym, I don’t eat fast food, I don’t smoke; that isn’t nothing to do with the chaotic image of whores in movies.

Clients know what they want; what do you think about that affirmation?

No, they don’t know what they want. Some of them are shy, so you have to know how to find out the desires they don’t dare to speak about, or even desires they don’t know they have yet. I’ve been with many men, some of them ask exactly for what they want and negotiate the rates, you can tell they often date escorts in Barcelona; however, you can't tell the same about some other clients. It may be their first time with a whore, or maybe any woman has satisfied them before. Men of all kinds date whores. 

Escort clients in Barcelona only look for sex. Is it true?

No, it is absolutely wrong. Deep inside, men who go punting look for sex but also for connecting with another person. Sometimes, they only want to be listened, hugged, and feel beloved. I'm an escort in Barcelona, so it may seem clients only want to meet me because of sex, but it isn't so; maybe the best I can give them is my affection. I know it because my clients always come back to me for more.

Your favorite escort's affection in Barcelona is unique.