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Escort Hanna


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Meet Hanna...

Hanna is a young Colombian with a knockout body, big breasts, narrow waist and a perfect booty for a deep Greek, a real dream.

Her long jet black hair and seductive smile will make you fall in love, she has blue eyes and an intense gaze and her hands work wonders, her CIM blowjob with deep throat will make you tremble in pleasure.

She's the ideal girl for a threesome, her lesbian show will make you feel very horny and you'll also get the opportunity to make a duo, or to come with your couple and let Hanna drives both of you crazy with pleasure. Can you picture it?

Hanna is very naughty and doesn't have taboos, ask her to be your submissive lover or your sexual mistress, she'll be whatever you want. Dare to get an erotic golden shower, snowballing or rimming, make all your secret fantasies come true with a real goddess of sex.

Enjoy a titfuck between her big breasts while she she blows you without a condom, you'll feel very intense pleasures, you only have to go with the flow.

Come to Perla Negra, the most exclusive brothel for the most demanding clients, you'll get really amazed.

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About Hanna

  • Shift: Day
  • Age: 20
  • Nationality: Colombian
  • Measures: 100-70-90
  • Hair color: Dark
  • Outcalls: To hotel, To domicile, Trips, Dinners and events
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan
  • Height: 165 cm.
  • Weight: 54 kg.
  • Services: Bareback Blowjob,  Titfuck,  Erotic massages,  Other sexual practices,  CIM (Cum in mouth),  BDSM Dominance,  BDSM Submission,  Deep Throat,  Greek,  Golden shower,  Rimming,  Snowballing,  Lesbian,  Services for couples,  Duplex,  French Kiss,  Erotic Shower

Escort Hanna
Escort Hanna
Escort Hanna
Escort Hanna

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How did you start working on the paid-sex world?

When I was a teenager I saw the newspapers’ classified adverts and what sexual services provided the women of the adverts and I got amazed. Firstly, I became an expert in erotic massage. That way, I made a space for myself in escort world. It really attracted my attention; I knew I could make a lot of money. I thought it was a daring job, and I felt so attracted.

Did you take a rest period from the moment you started your career as an escort to the time you became a luxury escort in Barcelona?

No, sex business is very addictive; you earn money, and if you know how to deal with the situation, you can have a lot of fun. There are really good and nice clients. I’ve never wanted to leave this lifestyle once I started living it. It is a life full of luxury and excitement.

Why did you decide to become a luxury whore in Barcelona?

I was attracted by the paid sex world because you earn a lot of money very quickly, so you can afford things normal people can’t even dream of. In addition, you can choose your working hours and decide when you want to finish your job. Regarding that aspect, this is a comfortable job, but it is a job not everybody can do. It also has a tough part; you need to have a strong body and a balanced mind. I fuck with several men in a day, I want to give the best of me to all of them, good chatting, company, everything. I have to be perfect so they like me; I’ll give them a super pleasurable blowjob and enjoy with them. All this requires a lot of energy and attitude.

What are your most demanded services as a luxury escort in Barcelona?

Oral sex in all its versions, which includes bareback blowjobs, titty blowjobs, and titty jobs. Usually, blowjobs are covered (with a condom), but there’s a variety of this service which is called bareback blowjob and consists of sucking a dick bareback, without using a condom; that way my client enjoys to the fullest and I’m more satisfied with the service I provide. Huge breasts are required to give a good titty job because it consists of wanking somebody using your breasts instead of your hands. Many men meet me to do this practice because the size of my breasts allows me to do that. Titty blowjob consists of sucking a dick while you hold it with your boobs instead of your hands. That is quite a demanded fantasy.

What are the main keys to be a good escort?

You have to like it. It’s not a job you can do if you don’t like men, sex and luxury. Of course, you have to be pretty and have a nice body; the rest depends on the client, who is going to really decide who will be his company that night. Lust and excitement are not the same for everyone. There are men who get excited with young university escorts, others need mature escorts, or a Brazilian escort; there are tastes for every taste. Many men who go punting want every date to be different. There is where Japanese escorts, inked escorts, or tall escorts come into play. There are some clients who taste different escorts and others are loyal to their whore, the one who knows them better and makes them feel horny.

 What is your hottest service?

I do trios and duplex because they make me be very horny. Trio consists of three people in the same bed; me and two more people that can be a couple asking for the sexual services of an escort. They call me to hire a service for couples in Barcelona and the three of us fuck in a room. Duplex consists of two escorts for one man. In this case, escorts don’t touch between them; they just touch the man and themselves. There are many men who like it because they feel as real kings with two bisexual or heterosexual escorts at their beck and call. It’s many men’s fantasy. I like to be more people in the room because I get more sex; this way I can satisfy two people in a raw, I feel very horny, and same happens with them. Services for couple are becoming very popular.

Do you know any swinger club?

Yes, I’ve escorted a client to one of these clubs several times. The point is men can’t enter one of these clubs without feminine companionship. Otherwise, there would be more men than women, what is not cool in a heterosexual scene. So, each man should bring one woman. In my case, my client takes me there because he doesn’t want to take his wife or couple there, or because he is single and curious about trying one of these clubs.

About private parties in Barcelona: have you ever participated in one?

Yes, of course. Private parties are wet nights. They may be arranged at Perla Negra, or in a villa or a yacht. Birthdays, bachelor parties, and business parties are usually held at Perla Negra’s facilities. They are very funny, a lot of men come and we have much fun together; lots of sex and endless pleasure for everyone. Clients get amazed by the beauty and the sex skills of the present escorts. Sometimes, they are not able to go up to the room and all the action happens in the parties’ room. We always make a good impression.

Those are the kind of sexual encounters you like the most; with more than two people inside the room.

Exactly, shared pleasure is always better and bigger.