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Hi everyone, I'm Vicky sexy a 27-year-old Romanian luxury escort girl. Take a look to my pictures to check how attractive my breasts are for a titfuck, I'll perform it gladly because it is a service I'm very good at... I hope to make you feel like a real king and to spend very special moments together. I'm loving and lustful, I love playing, collaborating in a brothel like Perla Negra turns me on because its rooms are really luxurious and are fully equipped for us. We can warm up by watching a porn movie together and enjoying a gentle erotic massage. I'm a luxury call girl who will leave you fully satisfied. I'm waiting for you, book a date with me...

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About Vicky sexy

  • Shift: Day and Night
  • Age: 27
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Measures: 110-65-95
  • Hair color: Dark
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Height: 156 cm.
  • Weight: 60 kg.
  • Services: Bareback Blowjob,  Titfuck,  Erotic massages,  Other sexual practices,  CIM (Cum in mouth),  Greek,  Golden shower

Escort Vicky sexy
Escort Vicky sexy
Escort Vicky sexy
Escort Vicky sexy

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Interview: “Videos are hot nowadays”

There are a lot of escort videos in Barcelona, but there are few sites that allow us to watch real stunning beauties recorded the way they deserve. There are a lot of video categories among escort videos in Barcelona, we can search by nationality, skin color, services and, last but not least, quality. Paid sex world is very demanding, excellence mark the difference, so only the best escorts win. Today we are talking to an escort about escort videos in Barcelona.

How does taking part in a website with escort videos in Barcelona affect you?

Well, at the beginning, I thought this wasn’t important, my profile had a few updated pictures and I believed this was enough, but a friend made me aware that I needed to record some escort videos in Barcelona to gain attention; since then, I’m having many more dates.

Is it equally beneficial for all escorts in Barcelona?

Escort videos in Barcelona are beneficial for the most stunning and prettiest escorts because they are the best way to approach their clients. Pictures can be tricky. In addition, we can be perfect in one picture, and look like a monster in the next one. Escort videos in Barcelona clear clients’ minds when it comes to meeting a sex professional.

How were your first escort videos in Barcelona like?

I talked to a friend and he contacted one of the best escort agencies in Barcelona for me. I was told to wear sexy swimsuits to fit a sunny beach day. It was really funny to film it. They were professionals of escort videos in Barcelona. I only had to play with the waves, sunbath,  go in and out the sea, smile and caress my body while I looked to the camera and act sluty.

According to what you have just said, are pictures part of the past, so videos have relieved them?

No, I think that pictures can be a useful tool for a slut profile in Barcelona because people use their mobile devices to look for escorts, so they probably won’t wait to download the video. That is why I think that pictures are also useful, although escort videos in Barcelona are hot nowadays.

Have you taken part in porn movies too?

I’m not a pornstar escort yet, but I’ve been offered it a lot of times. I have a regular clients who is crazy for filming some scenes, but I’d rather film only escort videos in Barcelona.

Summer is coming, is it holiday season for escorts or are you busy?

I depends. There are escorts who work hard during summer because they attend film festivals, nightclub parties in Ibiza, Los Angeles, or Dubai. If you are worthy and have uploaded good escort videos in Barcelona, you’ll get contacted by the best escort agencies, you’ll be asked to attend the most exclusive parties which include luxury, money, much sex and champagne. There are other escorts who focus on businessmen and business dinners, so they will probably work less than the first ones because their clients are on holidays.

Which group of escorts do you belong to?

Thanks to a escort video in Barcelona I recently filmed, I’ve been called by international escort agencies who are looking for girls to work during summer. I’ll be in Miami for a week, then travel to an Italian island, and travel on a private yacht for a month, but my only mission will be to act like a super sexy girl everybody wants to be with.

How much money do you earn for taking part in a sex party?

Sometimes, I attend private parties in villas which last a whole weekend and consist of drinking, eating and fucking. I earn a lot of money when I attend one of these private posh parties. I remember once I attended to a private party during a film festival and a client gave me an envelope with 10,000 euros in it. He was from Abu Dabi, so it was peanuts for him.

Have you planned to attend one of these parties this summer?

I have published my new escort videos in Barcelona and I’ve been called to attend two of these parties, so far. On the videos I appear naked, acting sluty for the camera, and posing in different ways so my clients get to know me beforehand and don’t get surprised when I meet them.

Have you surprised your clients because your pictures were different than your real you?

Yes, but it was a positive surprise, though. I try to get natural pictures, I don’t like to be photoshopped because clients get disappointed, I prefer to appear the way I am in escort videos in Barcelona. Obviously, it is always better to get your clients amazed than surprised. It is good to have regular clients because sex is better when you get to know each other. I like that my clients repeat their dates with me because it means they liked it and had fun the first time.

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