Anal Sex

Anal Sex

The encounter with an escort allows to break taboos and open up to new and exciting experiences. Such a special service as anal sex offers the possibility of trespassing our limits and venturing into the pleasure of the unknown with a real expert.

If your sexual fantasy is to have anal sex with one of the best escorts in Barcelona, PerlaNegraBCN can make it happen. When we recommend an escort we always consider your sexual tastes and preferences. You just have to share them with us and we’ll help you.

Many of the escorts enjoy anal sex, and we are happy to introduce them to you in PerlaNegraBCN in order for you to find out whether there is any chemistry between you and them. You have a wonderful time with an escort of your choice in the atmosphere of luxury and discretion, which we offer for all of our services, be in our premises, at home or in your hotel room.

In addition to anal sex, there are other variations of this sexual practice which you might not have known and might want to try. Below we explain some of them.

Anal sex

Anal sex is a sexual practice that is offered by some of the escorts who visit our premises; it involves inserting the penis into the anus of another person and obtaining pleasure from the tightness of the anus.

Pegging is a type of anal sex referring to the anus penetration a lady performs on a man or a woman with a harness dildo fastened around her pubic area.


The term refers to kissing and/or licking one's sex partner's anus. Usually, the tongue gets inserted into the anus for a rectal stimulation.

Escorts who perform some of these services: