Barcelona sex

To make a nod to history before entering this wide world, we will explain that the word sex comes from the Latin term "sexus", and is defined as the set of individual characteristics of a species that are divided into two genera, the masculine and the feminine. Of course, if something is clear, it is that sex is nothing new and a multitude of tests have been found that show that it was already practiced millions of years ago. The author of "Sex in the Caverns" tells in her book, that at that time the sexual act was not only carried out for reproductive purposes, but that they also pursue sexual pleasure. 

As you want and with whom you want, Barcelona Sex!

Despite this, today we still have taboos when talking about it, and we do not usually count our exploits. Hundreds of studies have been carried out on this subject, and covering aspects as varied as the regions where it is most practiced, the times that we carry out the activity weekly, what games related to sexuality we like the most, etc ... For example, if we talk about Spanish preferred day to have sex, we know the typical phrase of "Saturday sabadete, clean shirt and polvete", but there are studies that reveal that it is not. The preferences are during the week and at night. Regarding the area of ​​Spain, Rafaela Carrá was not right when she said that to make love well you had to go to the south, because statistics say that the population that enjoys sex the most is Cantabrians with an average of one hundred and twenty-two acts a year (3 times per week). 

As you can see there are all kinds of calculations, counts, reports, surveys. The conclusion that we can reach is that sex we all like! And sex Barcelona is one of the most sought after by our beloved tourists.


Sex Barcelona and its garnishes

When we enter the world of sexuality, we can not only focus on the sexual organs. The erotic and seduction of the preliminaries carries with it games such as massages, caresses or mutual masturbation. The monotony of the couple could lead us, for example, to implement in the relationship the world of toys for adults. And the need to experience new things would lead us to fantasies, of which we could write not one, but a thousand books. 

Intercourse is the act that we usually refer to, or what we think about, when we talk about sex and we know that it consists of the penetration of the male penis into the vagina (in the case of heterosexual couples). To get here you have to travel a path of mutual knowledge if what you want is to have a long-term partner, something that can be complicated in the case of introverted or embarrassing people. When all we want is to enjoy and get pleasure, sex becomes practically physical and it's much easier to get to it, well, or that's what you think.  

If this last sexual option is yours, we are going to give you some interesting guidelines. If you live in Barcelona you have it more at hand, sex Barcelona is very diverse and exciting.


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Not everyone is a supporter of clubs or bars, but the truth is that it is a way to access sex quickly and safely. 

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As we mentioned before, of course, in these facilities cleanliness is guaranteed and they have condoms, lubricants, toys, etc available to the customer ... Call or contact them through their website because we assure you that it is a fantastic place where you can enjoy of sex Barcelona!