It’s considered early ejaculation the moment when a man experiments an orgasm and releases sperm with indirect erotic-genital stimulation, in other words, with touching or practices prior to the sex act, or with a minute average of genital stimulation, whether it is oral, manual or penetrative. The main characteristic of early ejaculation is that men who suffer it can’t control what doctors call “ejaculatory reflex.”

In addition, this is the most common male sexual dysfunction par excellence, so much that one out of three men affirms having suffered it at least once in their life, and it’s very complex. The difficulty in eradicating early ejaculation is caused by the fact that its causes are very varied and mutable depending on the case. Now we are doing a brief tour explaining the different types of early ejaculation they exists, their cause and remedies to fight against it.

Types of early orgasm

There are two types of early ejaculation: primary and secondary early ejaculation. And in turn, there are different levels in secondary early ejaculation.

Primary early orgasm makes reference to the hardest one to heal. This is a condition you are born with, and it becomes apparent since the first sexual experience. Some American psychiatrists consider that the cause of 91% of the early ejaculation cases is genetic.

Secondary early orgasm makes reference to the moment when a man who usually has sex with a standard duration until one day starts lasting shorter, so to say, it appears an early ejaculation. I can appear for a specific period -first level-, in an irregular way -second level- or in a inconsistent way -third level-. It may happen that this kind of early ejaculation depends on the sexual partner of the man, or on other concrete factors or situations in the moment that happens, independently from the partner.


Although we have pointed out already that there are some causes strictly connected to one or another type of early orgasm, the truth is that there are countless of them. Unfortunately, in most cases, having an early orgasm hasn’t a defined cause. On one hand, there are psychological aspects which are vinculated to early orgasm, which are anxiety, sense of guilt or depression.

On the other hand, there are also several diseases on a genital level that can be the origin of this problem: extreme sensitivity on the glans, phimosis, prostatitis, erectile deficit or The Peyronie disease -also known as induratio penis plastica IPP-, in which the symptoms are ejaculatory pain and the acceleration of the reflex while releasing sperm. Even hormonal issues, physical traumas or the contraindication to a certain type of medicines are in the list of possible causes.

Finally, bad habits like tobacco, alcohol or drugs are also enemies of a healthy sexual life.


Sexual expertise and age help men to avoid this awkward situation. However, as you can imagine, not only the most young and inexpert suffer early ejaculation, there is a wide range of patients and, each patient will have a customized remedy. Going beyond the personal clinical picture obtained through a medical visit, we suggest you a group of techniques that can help you to alleviate this uncomfortable question.


Of course we are what we eat. And a part of the problem can get solved changing your diet. Zinc or cinc is a chemical element that can help you to fight against the erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation. This element is present in many types of food, especially in the main sources of protein like meat and seafood, but also in black chocolate, seeds, beans and cashews.

Self-help behaviour techniques

There are several self-help techniques that can solve an early orgasm. For instance, you can masturbate before the sexual encounter, approximately one or two hours before. Use a thicker condom in the sexual intercourse. You can also try breathing deeply when you feel you are about to ejaculate or thinking of something that doesn’t make you horny or that bores you.

“Pressure” method

This method consists on compressing the superior part of the penis for approximately 30 seconds when you notice you are almost about to ejaculate. Surely, this method will stop the ejaculation, but it is also probable that it affects your erection, at least until you get stimulated again. To get effectiveness in this method, it’s necessary to practice this strategy regularly for months.

Stop-start again method

This technique is the easiest one and can be practiced alone or with your partner. It consists on stimulating the penis and stopping just before noticing you are about to ejaculate. Stimulation has to stop during 30-60 seconds and start again after this little pause. As in the case of the pressure method, in this occasion you should also persist doing it, so that this technique is effective.

Kegel exercises

These exercises refer to training the pelvic floor. Recent studies have shown that they can effective even to fight against primary ejaculation, since the University of Roma, they have proven that 33 men out of 40 have improved significantly the quality of their sexual encounters after 12 weeks of exercises. In addition, they are used not only to alleviate early orgasms, but also as a rehab after surgery to treat more severe diseases like prostate cancer.

If you try to stop the flow of urine while you pee, you’ll notice which are the muscles you have to exercise. Don’t repeat the action more than once during the urination because it could lead you to a urine infection, this practice will only help you to identify the muscles.

These exercises are easy to practice and don’t have adverse effects. The first exercise requires the contraction of anal muscles, as if you were retaining a flatulence. The sensation of tension and subsequent stretching of the anus will indicate whether if you are doing it right or not. The second exercise requires a mirror to watch the moves of your penis. Just the penis, the rest of the body shouldn’t move. The aim of this exercise is lifting the penis to the max for 5 seconds and then lower it gradually.

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Important note: this article is solely for informational purposes and the information here written don’t pursue building a medic opinion.