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​Easter week?
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​Easter week?

Thursday 27 April 2017

Easter week has come late this April. It’s a period supposedly for prayer and meditation during which we see -actively or passively- religious processions around most Spanish regions. The different religions of the world speed up to tell us what sin is and what isn’t. Regarding our opinion, Easter week are days off during which we want to have fun. Let’s get deep a discussion that has been in our minds for centuries. Pleasure or sin or the pleasure of sinning.

Yes, Easter week has a lot of religious connotations but we shouldn’t forget that these days are holidays for many people. This means that they want to enjoy, get relaxed and sin with the hottest escorts in Barcelona.

At Perla Negra, nights are crazy. People from Barcelona want to release their tension as much as those people who come here to spend some days off, or who extended their business meetings to get lost in the city as the sun goes down.

Maybe humans like sinning so much precisely because it means skipping the norms. If you are married, you’d probably want to have a fling; if you are single, you’d probably want to experiment with daring experiences like deep Greek; if you want to feel like a queen, then get a service for couples.

Anyway, the sexual pleasures have always been a tool to domesticate people. Organizing everyone’s sexual life is one of the obsessions of the monotheist religions in our world. From deciding for ourselves that we should marry, to when, who with, how to behave in our home and out of it, etc.

Thanks to all that, humans find a relief valve in the arms of an escort in Barcelona. Although not all the religions are as restrictive as ours with pleasure and sin.

Egyptians, the most intelligent ones

People who are part of a religion are well informed about the sins of life. If they want to change their religion, sins will appear quickly to embitter them again.

However, not all the religions are as stubborn with sin as ours. Egyptians professed a religion without sins. That’s why we have named them after the most intelligent of the universe.

Hair removal, trepanations, gang bangs, lesbian sex, homosexuality and transexuality were common things in the Egyptian society. They considered that life had positive and negative forces that balanced for themselves.

Therefore, the concept of evil isn’t related to sin, but to something natural which is part of our life. The Egyptian citizens didn’t commit sins, but acts which would bring them to certain consequences. They were aware of it and acted according to this golden rule.

Ancient Egyptians considered Christian fuckers to be crazy people who didn’t understand the consequences. They could get their god’s forgiveness and turn the page about what had happened. As simple as it.

Passion’s week

So, once we have joint the religion of Ancient Egyptians, we can sin without worrying at any time of the week. These holy days arrive and the escorts have already dates scheduled to have a drink and meet some interesting men. They listen to their desires and the best part of it is that they make them come true.

What are the passions we suggest not only during Easter week but every time we are free? An interracial threesome. At Perla Negra’s website, you can check the profiles of the best escorts in Barcelona coming from East Asia, the burning Africa, ot the sensual South-America, without forgetting the Slavic beauty or the Spanish passion.

Experimenting an interracial threesome is one of the tastiest encounters we can offer you. Caressing the soft skin of a black escort while a Russian escort gets ready to do a BBBJ on you is something we can’t describe with words.

Every escort have the essence of their origins in them. Their different ways of satisfying a man in bed. You could mix the attentions of a Japanese escort who has a touch of geisha with the curves and the sexy accent of a Venezuelan escort. Interracial threesomes are an open door to pleasure that will leave you speechless.

Services for couples

This service is another of our suggestions for yesterday, today and forever. In the company of a friend, other escort or your own couple, this activity is characterized by how exciting it is for open couples.

In a service for couples, the escort can adopt the active role with the woman or the man. Many times, the man feels like enjoying the sight of her girlfriend or wife doing lesbian sex; others, he wants to be in the middle of them and give his best.

It’s a good way to do something very hot together with our couple. Sometimes, passion is a bit forgotten and this is a good way to awake it.

Turn your fantasy into reality

Other of the best ways to spend our days off is being courageous and speak out our most secret fantasy. Talking to the right escort and finding out what are her thoughts about our idea is the proper way to start the sexual experience of our life.

Sometimes, a stressful daily life and the guiltiness we feel for those sins we mentioned at the beginning of this post don’t allow us to enjoy our existence. That’s probably why our main purpose is to cheer up men and women who want to explore their bodies but haven’t dared to so far, whatever their reasons they had not to do that.

Therefore, you should look up well on the Internet your favorite profile of escort. If possible, talk to her, feel confident to tell her what you want to try. Naturally, without trying to sweep anything under the carpet.

Escorts have much experience and probably what you are asking to her isn’t as striking as you may think. Costumes, sex toys, positions, accesories, BDSM, everything is part of us.

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