The annual date with mobile phones and its most advanced technology has arrived. The Mobile World Congress 2019 is held during the last week of February in Barcelona. Everything is ready for the arriving crowd of executives and tech freaks. Connecting to the world, seeing life through a screen and investigating countless apps. Brands present their most innovative novelties and executives want to enjoy the high to the fullest. That’s where the escorts for the Mobile World Congress 2019 come in.

The ultimate connection is sexual

After a long day of work, stress and fighting against your best competitors, one deserves ending the day with a seuxal connection. That’s why escorts attend the Mobile World Congress 2019, there are the same number of escorts or more than executives.

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High standing escorts

Do you want to hold a party to celebrate a successful deal? Then, you’ll need the company of the best escorts in Barcelona. One of the best things of luxury escorts is that they don’t look like prostitutes. Learned girls with knockout bodies, polite and friendly and a list full of interesting sexual services.

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The celebration party of a deal between men ends with another party that includes a good dinner and pleasant feminine company. The deserved reward with whores exists since the beginning of deals.

Escorts and money

It’s indisputable that technology world moves much money and much sex as a consequence. Nobody wants to miss the most desired physical pleasures. That’s why the Mobile World Congress 2019 is a congress about mobiles and much more.

We have talked to some escorts about last year’s congress. “There’s a super-high pace of work during the Mobile World Congress days. The best escorts in Barcelona have our agendas full and aren’t enough. There are lot of girls from other countries coming to work here. The businessmen have meetings and work all the day, but their mind get clear when the night arrives. They want to have dinner, the most expensive champagne and sex with escorts”, the Italian escort says.

And, what’s the kind of girl that these executives from all around the world are looking for? According to the escorts we have talked to, that depends on their nationality. “Executives from a certain country want to try the escorts of a different one. Spaniards with Venezuelans, Afro Americans with Russians and Asians with Asians most of times. However, they all look for the same thing: give themselves a treat with an escort.”

Escorting services during the Mobile World Congress

Escorting to dinners, outcalls to hotels and apartments, private sexual parties at a room at Perla Negra, or at a luxurious villa. The Mobile World Congress attendants have very attractive possibilities to end a stressful working day.

Escorts are ready for any of those services. What’s the most requested? We have asked it to the ones who better know the other side of this congress.

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Racy fantasies at the Mobile World Congress

The escorts who date their clients at a hotel don’t only practice vanilla sex during the Mobile World Congress. Many of the executives enjoy being on the other side of the world to make their most intimate fantasies come true. Those that they haven’t asked at their countries’ brothels for some reason.

The escorts have told us that everything is possible during the Mobile World Congress. “I’ve been working at the Mobile World Congress several times, there are clients who ask for common services like oral sex or vaginal sex, but there are also others who ask for weirder things. I have had clients who wanted to dress as an escort and me to wear a strap-on. I’ve also dated clients who wanted to dress as a baby, so I looked after them as if I was their mom. I only had to change their diaper, put on baby cream, breastfeed them, insert a suppository and get them ready to sleep”, the Caribbean escort tells us.

“I like to do outcall services to hotels accompanied by one of my girl-friends. I’m Cuban and she is blonde and has blue eyes; that makes men horny. Sleeping with two girls, one of them white and the other mulatto makes them very turned-on. However, sometimes they are tired, so we hook up so they enjoy and don’t have to make any effort.”


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