We know as lube any liquid or viscous substance of natural, vegetal or synthetic origin used to reduce friction and irritation between two bodies and to increase the sensation of pleasure during a sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourses are much more pleasurable and exciting with natural lubrication or with the help of an intimate gel or a lube. Genital dryness in any sexual intercourse avoids bodies slip and slide easily. After having sex without lubrication, it’s usual getting discomfort in the vagina or the penis and redness in the skin caused by friction.

Lubrication and women

The vagina, the quintessential female genital organ, it’s naturally prepared to secret fluids. This way, women are able to regulate their lubrication during the excitement and the subsequent sex act, although lubrication isn’t something intentional they can control as they wish.

The act of lubricating is a physiological process for what the body is prepared, however, lubrication doesn’t work the same way in all women. Some are lucky and lubricate or “get wet” very quickly whilst others remain “dry”, no matter how excited they are.

There are many factors that determine vaginal lubrication, but the most important is age. Young girls have better conditions to lubricate than older women because the skin losses properties such as hydration and regeneration over the years. The main cause of all these health problems caused by aging is the decrease of estrogen. Even so, it is possible to increase the lubrication of our sexual partner without using lube, if we are patient and devote time to it.

Exercises that help to increase lubrication

Women, for their part, can take some easy steps to improve their lubrication. For instance, having a balanced diet and drinking much water will help your body tissues to keep strong, healthy and to work properly. Doing pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, and using vaginal balls will be great allies to women with vaginal dryness. The best women can do to stimulate their lubrication and improve it is having an active sexual life, which will keep the vaginal muscles toned thanks to the contractions provoked by orgasms.

To increase lubrication in couple, the ideal is creating a relaxed and sensual atmosphere with dim candle light, suggestive or chill-out music and aromatherapy to stimulate her imagination. The next step is having a sensual attitude towards her, whispering and touching her clitoris and vagina softly and even doing a cunnilingus on her. If there isn’t enough time for foreplay and your passion is an urgency, the most effective and easiest solution to hurry up the process is using intimate gel or lube.

Lubes in the past

Lubes can be classified in several types. There are different types of intimate gels or lubes divided in several groups depending on their texture, composition or how we use them.

A priori, we must differentiate two major groups of lubes, those whose origin is natural and those that are synthetic or whose origin is artificial. When synthetic lubes didn’t exist, people had to get by with what they had handy. Basically, they used pork lard because this animal grease is slippery and viscous, but they also used olive oil. If they didn’t have lard or oil available, they recurred to the most obvious and natural lube: saliva. Although this isn’t very hygienic, spitting on the hands is the cheapest and most natural alternative to lube, and we still spit if we are in a lube emergency even now.

Synthetic lubes

Synthetic lubes can be both water-based or oil-based. It is very important to keep in mind the characteristics of each one of them because they have very different properties and uses.

Oil-based lubes

They are manufactured with different jellies or silicone and vegetal oils that don’t dilute or deconstruct when they get in contact with the skin and the body fluids. The peculiarity of oil-based lubes is that they aren’t suitable to use with latex condoms because its base nullify the effectivity of this material.

Water-based lubes

This kind of lube is composed by water, glycerine and other elements which are soluble in water. Therefore, these lubes are less aggressive to the skin and mucosas than oil-based lubes. In addition, they are suitable to use with latex, therefore, they are the most adequate for the sexual use.

Uses of lubes

Lubes have several uses, in particular the medical use and the fun-recreational use are the most outstanding.

It is very usual to find lube at a gynecologist or a urologist’s office to avoid wounds or tears during a cytology or a rectal examination. The women who suffer dryness also apply an specific gel for medical use to avoid itching and the discomfort it provokes.

Escorts are expert in the fun-recreational use of lubes in sex. Lubes offer many possibilities in sex, since they can be applied on the vagina, the penis and even the anus. This eases some sexual practices like Greek and avoids harm and unnecessary suffering.

For all those reasons, we recommend our readers to ask for adding a slippery, wet and hot touch to their encounters with escorts. A good water-based lube will be perfect to add a touch of naughtiness and imagination between both of you.