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​Spend Christmas with the best escorts in Barcelona
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​Spend Christmas with the best escorts in Barcelona

Thursday 14 December 2017

Christmas is coming and the clients of Perla Negra BCN want to keep on having fun, at least as much fun as the rest of the year. Don’t worry. At our facilities, you’ll find out the best way to spend your holidays, the most exclusive company and the most ardent passions. These cold days, find warmth out in the arms of the best escorts in Barcelona.

Running away from routine

We know that the perfect moment to run away from the routine is during the end of the year. It doesn’t matter you have free time or leisure time, it’s time to close 2017 and do it in the best way. Don’t you have a plan yet? We suggest the best with the most exciting companions in the city. Don’t be shy and take a look to the profiles of the Venuses introducing themselves as the hottest girls of Barcelona’s night.

After twelve months of work, we deserve a great whim in couple or alone and, if we have much energy and want to party, we can invite our friends. We suggest you many options to enjoy to the fullest and end the year with style.

Services for couples

Some have defined services for couples as a covert way to make your girlfriend goes mongering with you. Actually, we think that couples show they trust each other when they book an evening with an escort and share their sexuality with her.

Many women are willing to try sex with another woman and don’t know where they can make their fantasy come true. If you are a partner who is ready to fulfill the fantasies of your girlfriend or wife, you can ask her whether she has ever feel attracted by another woman and suggest her a burning hot evening. Once we enter the suite and overcome all the taboos, we can give free rein to your imagination and gift ourselves with a unique sexual experience.

Erotic massages

If you have a quieter pace, you are having a very stressful December and want to relax, you can ask for experts in erotic massages. You should know that there are many types of massages in this category and some of them don’t include specifically a happy ending. To make your choice, you’d better talk to the masseuse and she will explain you her way of working.

Nuru massage (with lube), body-to-body massage (using the whole body to massage and not only hands), happy ending massage (ending it with an orgasm), or several tantric massages are a very good way to know other kinds of sexual expressions and leave aside all what you know and have already practiced.

Mature escorts

These professionals offer a very special evening to those youngsters who want to get initiated in sex or adults who fancy mature escorts. They have great knowledge about male pleasure, have a mature mind and are ready to lead their clients to the sexual adventure they choose, mature women are an exquisite bit to end the year. Mature escorts are outstanding because of their ability to make you feel comfortable with them. They are leaving their youthfulness and entering maturity. You can have real fun with them and enjoy their expertise in bed at the same time.

Teen escorts

Many clients daydream about dating a teen escort in secret and relight the passion of their youth. Lack of experience, innocence and tender bodies are some of the elements that clients of teen escorts feel attracted by.

Usually, they are in the middle of a university degree and work as escorts to pay their living. They aren’t professional escorts, that’s why they are so exciting to those who look for them. One can’t expect experience from them, but freshness and the beauty of their faces and bodies.

New year’s Eve fantasies: BDSM and more

Think about all those fantasies that you have had in mind during years you are still waiting to make come true. You are maybe thinking about a mild BDSM session, a roleplay or a date with a black escort. Everything is possible, you only have to make a choice among all these wonders.

There are escorts specialized in BDSM. To avoid you enter in something wild without knowing exactly what it is, you can start by mild BDSM and then get hard if you really like it. There are some codes agreed with the escort that will help you to increase or slow down the intensity of the date without having to break the fantasy. Whips, leather, rope, latex and various elements of pleasure take part in this game.

Who get deep in BDSM? Those people who are not only looking for something different because they are bored of doing the same thing and also those who never found pleasure in vanilla sex and need to relief their passion through this practice. BDSM is the only way to enjoy sexuality to more people than we may think. It can be your thing or not, but we are sure you will enjoy trying something different.

Lesbian is the most successful services only overcome by a date with an escort in private. If you fancy the idea of being between two girls who aren’t shy at all, the best for you it a date with two escorts. You can choose between duo service, in which the escorts don’t touch between them and you get all the attention, or lesbian, in which the date is a real ménage à trois and the three of you enjoy the same, specially you between them.

These are some of our suggestions to make you have a better 2017, a year that is nearly ending. It’s your choice to decide what fantasy you want to try first. Alone or in couple, Perla Negra BCN is your reference brothel.

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