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3GSM Mobile World Congress 2015
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3GSM Mobile World Congress 2015

Thursday 12 February 2015

The world's most important meeting of the mobile business, the 3GSM World Congress, is taking place from 2nd to 5th March, 2015 in Barcelona. Leading technology is presented to the world at the Congress, and the biggest brands will display their best achievements and their attractive toys. Many people are looking forward to attending the 3GSM World Congress, even more than having a date with a goddess of passion and love - a luxury escort. Many more prefer a mix of both.

Luxury escorts for the 3GSM World Congress

The big event is coming and the streets from Barcelona are getting ready to embrace the technological event of the year. It is an honour that huge companies such as Samsung and Apple come to visit the city so we can see which of them is the best!

Many businessmen want to celebrate success in business by falling in the arms of a luxury escort. It's a glorious combination, and as a result, it is highly desired.

The most beautiful luxury escorts from Brazil , Venezuela, Rusia, Spain, Italy and black escorts are preparing themselves for a lot of work during the 3GSM World Congress. The mobile business attracts mainly men, which is the reason why the escorts will be so busy.

Most men will want to treat themselves at the end of a hard day of work at the 3GSM World Congress; especially when they have hit their business targets.

There are many escorts, but none so good as the escorts you can find at Perla Negra BCN. They have a full agenda for the key dates, which is why we recommend that you make a call in advance, in order to book a date that will make the 3GSM World unforgettable.

Venus and Mars: Escorts and 3GSM World Congress

A peculiar attraction of this kind of conference, at which big deals are done, is how they lead to a mix of the male and female worlds, and their roles, in the same way as might happen in a nightclub.

Sex and power; power and sex. One thing leads to the other one. Having sex makes us feel powerful; power leads us to the possibility of having more sex. All escorts know it well: mature escorts, teen escorts or black escorts.

Big brands from 3GSM World Congress know that if they hire teen ladies wearing some kind of tennis skirt (as if they were going to play a match), the ninety percent of businessmen in their forties in attendance will feel irredeemably attracted. This will happen again next 3GSM World Congress, just as it happened the previous years. It's such an old trick for a new and sophisticated event!

However, there are differences between the behaviour of the businessmen, as a hostess who worked at the previous 3GSM World Congress told us. "Asian and German people don't see you; they are so busy making business and commercial contacts that they don't have time to come bothering you. However, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese people are always trying to talk to hostesses twenty years younger than them. They show to them their mobile phones, new applications or laptops. They are always showing off their countless important contacts, trying to ask hostesses out or taking pictures with them, and the hostesses have to smile for the camera".

It seems that this behaviour is closely related to the general tendency of the countries. Men from some nationalities are hardly ever distracted from their jobs, but men from some others are easily distracted.

3GSM World Congress: Where to go after work?

In the outskirts of Perla Negra BCN, there are enough terraces, restaurants and clubs from different corners of the world to fill the evening with vibrancy.

Perla Negra BCN offers magnificent facilities to relax after a long day of work at 3GSM World Congress. The bar area, where you can meet the best escorts in the city while you have a drink, the relax area, where everything becomes relaxed, and an erotic massage expert escort can do a nice job after you in a relaxing bath.

In addition, Perla Negra BCN has a service of renting luxury rooms hourly. Our guests can check for themselves how everything is ready to satisfy them, because we pay attention to detail. Like a modern Palace of Desire, Perla Negra BCN has rooms equipped with luxury bathtubs or showers, huge plasma screen televisions, music and chromotherapy, to make the sexual experience with an explosive escort unforgettable.

At Perla Negra BCN, we maintain the most stringent hygiene and health standards. This place has the best reputation, both in Barcelona and abroad.

If you are dreaming of a special night, tasting the hottest escort you can imagine, you should choose the best place for it. If you had a hard day at 3GSM World Congress, a date with one of our escorts can definitely fix it.

If you like to party, you can enjoy Barcelona's night life with a escort in a nearby club and dance until the break of dawn.

One of the most attractive escorts from Barcelona, said to us that the days of the 3GSM World Congress are very busy. The escorts have full diaries on those nights, especially the final day of the event, when everybody relaxes and let themselves get lost in pleasures of life.

The escort told us that businessmen of 3GSM World Congress spare no expense and are anxious to have wild sex with them; they release the tension in this way. In addition, they pay with business cards, so the most expensive French champagne and the longest nights of sex are on the cards at this time.

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