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Today we interview Desiré, a 25-year-old Cuban escort

Today we interview Desiré, a 25-year-old Cuban escort

Tuesday 22 October 2013

She likes the weather, the beach and the city of Barcelona. She is a 25-year-old Cuban escort, she arrived to Barcelona some months ago, and she is waiting for us at Perla Negra BCN. Today, we interview Desiré.

What is to be an escort in Barcelona like? 

I like being an escort here. I came here some months ago, and I’m happy with the city, the clients, and the place where I work. I share flat with a roommate; both of us have plenty of dates especially on weekends, what is very good given the current economic situation.

What kind of dates?

Mainly dinner or drinking-champagne dates at Perla Negra BCN, then we stay in the room. They usually call me asking for my services on Friday and Saturday nights.

Tell us what you did last weekend.

It went very well, it happened something special. There was a soccer match, what means more clients. I usually date many executives and business men, but when there is an important soccer match, there’s a lot of work.

La Vie en Rose called us to know if we –me, and my roommate– were available to have a drink. The clients were a group of men who had come to Barcelona to see the match, and had booked dates with the girls from La Vie en Rose.

So, you worked as a team!

Yes, in addition, their supported team had won the match, and they were very happy. They had come to Barcelona to see soccer, and to celebrate the victory with us. We met our respective clients in the rooms of Perla Negra BCN. Mine was a little drunk and horny, so he didn’t resist the temptation for long.

When he came into the room, I was laying on bed wearing black and red lingerie. He didn’t speak a word; he just stared at me and then reacted. I walked towards him; he took and held me tightly into his arms, buried his face in my breasts, and started licking and sucking them.

He took me to the sink of the restroom, I noticed he had a hard-on, and was very excited, so I unzipped his trousers, and put it in myself. He was old, but very attractive; I liked him, and he managed to keep his hard-on for a long while. Then, I started to hear my colleagues with their clients in the other rooms –they love mixing soccer, alcohol, and sex– and I got very turned on.

It must sound like a real orgy.

Exactly, it was big noise. Everybody was horny, and making sex; we had a blast. Then, a friend of him and a colleague came into the room, because we had agreed that. My colleague and I started hooking up, and we exchanged our clients. The second one put it in my ass, but what I liked was seeing my colleague and the other guy fucking. In addition, I kept listening to the rest of the couples. 

What a night…!

Yes, that’s why I said that last weekend was very special. It is not always like this. We had a blast, clients were happy; it was a perfect night for everyone. We spent a very intense while.

Do you think they will repeat when they come back to see another match?

I would love them to come back. They were six or seven, they rented several rooms. It was a complete night.

Is there any client who you are looking forward to seeing again?

I can’t say that all my clients are friendly or attentive; each one has a different personality, but everything is better understood from respect. I have interesting talks with many of my clients; those are the ones who I’m looking forward to seeing them, going out to have some drinks, having sex with them, and so on.

Yes, but I was asking if there is some special client.

Ah! That kind of “special” client. No, not at all. My job is what it is, and I don’t want to mix it… although I must say it’s very difficult sometimes (she laughs). I date men, I give them the best sex of their lives, and they come back home or office very happy.

In addition, we have a great time, we have some drinks, go out for dinners, I can escort them to business meetings, congresses, dinners with other business men, or even celebrate a soccer match. However, there’s a long way to walk before I like specially someone (she laughs). Logic, isn’t it? This is a job about sexy stuff, but feelings are complicated to get in it. I make them get turned on, I look them in the eyes while they fuck me, but there’s nothing behind it, just desire, and passion, not love.

Are you affectionate towards a client who dates you and goes with you in bed?

It depends on what his necessities are. There are men who lack of affection, and they like you saying soft words to them, or caressing them. Nevertheless, there are others –most of them– who want just sex. There’s hardly ever skin to skin contact, there’s only the strictly sexual contact needed. I don’t need giving more; it’s just what they ask for.

 Have you heard about sex-boxes in Switzerland? What do you think about it?

Yes, that sex drive-in thing. I’ve seen pictures. I think that sexual street workers are exposed to a lot of dangers, so it seems right that there is a keeper and an alarm button for them.

In addition, I like that this initiative has been carried out with public funds, because it means that the government is involved in protecting these women. If there’s any man with bad purposes, it’s going to be difficult for him harassing them in those sex-boxes. On the other hand, it’s sad to think not all women can access these sex-boxes, because they may live far from them, for instance.

They should spread them over Switzerland, and even here; they should think about something alike for the hot prostitution spots to protect the girls and prevent them getting infected by sexually transmitted diseases.

Do you think you may use them someday?

Not at all. I’m an escort, and things here are very different. It’s possible to live well and work safely. Moreover, health care is very important here. Clients voluntarily do blood tests, and also escort girls. 

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