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A prostitute from Bangladesh
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A prostitute from Bangladesh

Monday 04 August 2014
Diary of a luxury escort:
“Men pay me for giving me pleasure”

A luxury escort... Many times we have written about this subject from the point of view of the stunning curvy lady, who works as a high standing prostitute -and her services-, however we have never written about the luxury escort as a woman. Recently we have published a post about Gwyneth Montenegro, the luxury escort who slept with 10,091 men until the day she published her diary; today we are going to write about the so-called “A prostitute from Bangladesh”, who does not reveal her real name -probably only a few people know it-, who writes a lot about her life as a luxury escort in her posts, showing us we can learn beyond the eternal beautiful endlessly men-indulging prostitute.

A woman with no place in society

“A prostitute from Bangladesh”, as she signs her confessions on the Internet, says she is “a woman with no place in society”, a sentence she did not admit until she was working for a long time in this unusual lifestyle, the deeper she got into it, the harder took her to carry out a normal life.

In the beginning, this luxury escort carried out a life like any other girl next door, she studied part time in the uni, and during her spare time she worked in the sex industry business. In her blog she says how working as a luxury prostitute changed her life forever, a life full of positive and negative sides.

But, how is physically speaking “A prostitute from Bangladesh”? Her online diary is pictureless, she portrays herself as an exotic escort, brought up in the West with the mentioned Asian-born country immigrant parents. She realized men liked her since she was very little. We can picture her with smooth dark skin, an exotic face, big bright eyes, straight nose, fleshy lips and a smooth long dark hair, like a girl coming out of the Arabian Nights tales.

“I have sold my soul”

In her diary, this luxury escort confesses thoughts and feelings, and the consequences of this job being a woman; one of the most shocking confessions might be “selling sex sometimes makes me feel I have sold my soul”, because one can make fast and big money, but it is glamourless, yet people keep telling her how beautiful and wanted she is, it is actually an empty life.

The truth is, being a luxury escort, she is moving in the high circles and she is meeting all ages and origins' gentlemen. Lately, she confesses her work appointments have been dropped because love has grown between an Arabian client and herself, and she knows there will be no chance of living a normal life with him because of the cultural and political boundaries.

A luxury escort's concerns

“A prostitute from Bangladesh” is not only writing about herself in her online posts, she also answers questions and chats about her world and life. A female follower asks her if she is concerned about the sexual transmitted diseases she could catch, and how she can feel safe despite going to bed with so many guys, who could spread her any venereal disease. She answers that at the beginning she was really concerned about it, indeed, not only about diseases catching but anything else, for instance, the presumable distension of the vagina muscles.

When she started her escort lifestyle, she had barely any sexual experience, thus she was afraid of any sexual intercourse with men and its consequences. Specifically, it was the actual sexual intercourses with many men and the STD issues, but when she became an expert in the sex industry job, she realized this risk was minimized if she used a condom either in actual sexual intercourses or 
blowjobs. She started in the luxury prostitution business working in a high standard agency, where the escorts' health and safety was thoroughly controlled, meaning there was no GFE practices.

The escorts could lose their jobs in this agency if the owner found out the girls where practising these extra services. Actually, the agency owner was a lady who proudly remarked her girls where no girlfriends, no GFE practices were carried out over there.

What does Girlfriend Experience mean?

A Girlfriend Experience means to act as a girlfriend with the client, to act like a loving girlfriend with the boyfriend, kissing him and offering herself passionately under her own will, blowjobbing with no condom, as well as practising any other sexual intercourse with intimate contact involving all kinds of risks.

“A prostitute from Bangladesh” was actually working in that agency, love was radically separated from sex. Nowadays, this attitudes are not part of the prostitution business. Nearly all the escorts offer blowjobs with no condom amongst their services, the so-called 
bareback blowjob. Why? Simply because, although the appointments are a sex for money business, gentlemen look forward to a passionate sexual encounter, and they mostly ask for French kissing and pecks, oral sex with no condom, as well as flirting and seduction as if the money exchange was not existing in the “relationship”.

The escort's pleasure

Can be the GFE with a client a pleasure source for the escort as well? Actually, she confesses, every now and then she spoils herself with very special clients -who have actually seduced her, yet having paid her a big amount of money- and allows herself feeling pleasure, non stopping them of being good lovers, and in these occasions she says “I spoil myself with a vanity and pleasure bath, thinking men pay me for giving me pleasure”.

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