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A true success

Friday 22 August 2014
He had travelled a lot that year due to business duties, it seemed the harder was the pressure on him, the more he had to prove himself to others. The previous week he had been in Berlin and Milan, and, at that precise moment, he was at Barajas airport waiting for his air shuttle connection to Barcelona. That city was the last meeting destiny of those crazy two weeks, on Friday morning he would get the answer to all the new European project questions. If everything turned out OK, he would indulge himself in the Catalan capital until Sunday, then he would go back to London to keep doing what he always did: to work for others.

In a Barcelona city centre hotel, our man was tying up his amazingly tailored Italian suit matched tie. He sprayed his thick blonde hair and polished his made in Toledo shoes so he would look like a real executive, he double checked he had all the required documents and headed to the last European project battle pitch.
A few hours after the negotiations, he left the boardroom looking as neat as before but much more relieved. The resolution answer was positive, and that only meant more work at a higher level. He headed off to the hotel starving, he wanted to have a good meal and rest in that king's size bed. He was already relaxing on it when he felt like having a gin-tonic and a female companion  with him.

He switched on his tablet and googled escort girl Barcelone, whores in Barcelona, prostitutes in Barcelona. He quite liked the girls he saw on the screen when browsing on the Internet, however he was in the mood for a drink in a bar, because he could have called for a call girl escort to hotels   or a whore girl to hotels, but he definitely deserved a drink after his success. He kept googling on his tablet the words whorehouse in Barcelona and the screen immediately showed up tens of sex for money nightclubs links; he kept googling the words whore bars in Barcelona and did not see anything interesting, so he googled nicer words like brothel in Barcelona and then he found what he was looking for. Well, well...

Perla Negra Barcelona  ! He liked the rent per hours luxury rooms place with a bar, an exclusive private atmosphere, stunning-looking escorts from all over the world, relax area, luxury ensuite rooms, chromotherapy service, Nespresso coffee machines, plasma screens and top hygiene care. Everything was telling our man he got what he wanted. But, who would be his companion? There was an amazingly gorgeous Lebanese escort. He did not hesitate to call and learn more from her.

−Perla Negra Barcelona, how can I help?
−Good afternoon, I was looking for an escort girl in Barcelone and I have found a very attractive looking Lebanese girl on your site.
−Jazmín -answered amused the receptionist on the other side of the line- this prostitute is so famous in Barcelona!
−Really? I can understand that. Could you tell me if she will be tonight in Perla Negra?
−We cannot really tell, but she usually turns up weekends at night. You are calling a brothel in Barcelona and she is an independent escort, she might be busy tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.
−OK -said our man with his British accent-. I will come by to have a drink anyway.
−As you wish. We will be delighted.
−Thank you -muttered our Englishman and started dreaming about the girl's beautiful curvy body, her long shiny hair, her fleshy lips, her round pert boobs, her perfect bum, her smooth skin and the glimpse of the see-through thong. What a pleasure would be to fuck her with his penis enjoying her body for hours!

He opened his eyes with Jazmín's image pictured in his head. He chose an Italian suite again -more casual this time-, got a shower and forgot about the hair spray. He had dinner, later than his usual 6 pm time, and had a coffee around Perla Negra's area, placed in the heart of Barcelona, surrounded by restaurants, bars and clubs. He walked towards the pleasure's nightclub looking for the Lebanese escort. He ordered a gin-tonic and sat by the bar chatting with the female bartender and observed the place thoroughly, increasingly lively at his time of the evening. He was enjoying his drink when a very tall escort -probably a Russian escort- started talking to him. She was very attractive and elegant, she had a voluptuous body covered only by a tight thin black dress showing her splendid cleavage and long legs.

Our man started fantasizing about these legs wrapping him, yet he was used to blondes back home, this Slavic beauty was starting to get him stiff. She realized about that and began to play with his tie, kissing his neck while whispering her services list by the ear: sixty-nine posture, condomless blowjob, doggy style, maybe anal sex , there were so many things the Russian escort could offer him... And when he was about to rent a luxury room for both, Jazmín turned up and our man got a real upside down feeling in his trousers, because that Lebanese escort really burnt his inner fire faster than any other escort in that brothel in Barcelona.

The Russian escort   noticed his reaction and added to the proposed services the Lesbian sex or duplex threesome . He answered he wanted the Lesbian sex with Jazmín. For a second he could not believe he would be in a threesome with two extremely stunning gorgeous ladies. Listening to the Russian escort proposition, Jazmín looked at him from top to toe and smiled in approbation.
Once they were in the luxury room, our Englishman got lost between legs and boobs, lips and fluids of his two female companions, who gave every bit of their bodies in the thousand postures letting sex flow amongst three pleasure-seeking people.
Never before in his entire life, the executive felt so successful like in this luxury suite room, coating the two sex goddesses bodies with his body essence, who finally lied down knackered resting by him on each side.
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