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Adult entertainment in Barcelona

Wednesday 25 June 2014
The Internet and social networks have mainstreamed sex. Gradually the public preferences for their free time options are heading to one direction: sex. Dildos, sex toys and adult entertainment are the key words on the Internet searches for those who are looking for sexual pleasure entertainment for their minds and bodies. For a long time couples have been released of taboos and are used to different sexual practices, everybody knows sex outside the marriage is not only a male business.

Society has stepped forward since cavemen ancient times; there is hot water running in some world's population homes, there is a chance to earn some money every month for some people in the planet, and some humans can take a plane and travel to the opposite side of the globe. There were more interesting periods in history concerning sexual matters, and different ways each country do experience them; however, luxury escorts, Asian escorts, independent escorts, senior escorts, relax in Barcelona or elsewhere,  BDSM, group sex or threesomes and adult entertainment have been existing and, fortunately, will exist forever.

The main feature -that makes us believe our time is more open-minded than before- is the Internet and its capacity of making things closer and more accessible. Dildos, sex toys, uni escorts, 
erotic massages, companionship and sexual practices have been going on since the first men, nowadays it is going on on the Internet as well and there is no need to start a social discussion about it.

Adult entertainment

There is plenty history record of this type of adult practice. Whores were paid by the rich and wealthy to attend to parties with lots of food, drinks... and more. To fuck call girls was the usual practice in this kind of celebrations, where the hosts wanted to offer the best to their guests.

In world's history wealthy and high-class societies, to offer sexual satisfaction to their parties' guests was the most usual and regular practice. In the famous Roman orgies, everybody was fucking everybody else, they even made contests about who could last longer having sex in public. The independent escorts -called in different names- went to these events as sexual workers to entertain the evening giving out their best.

Nowadays, adult entertainment is not so usual nor mind-bending. Sex is not perceived as a natural thing for many people, turning these kind of parties in something secret and eventual for some people and inexistent for many others.

 Luxury escorts  and call girls to homes and hotels are whores who advertise themselves in websites offering services like adult entertainment. When required, they move to the accorded place, either La Vie En Rose / Perla Negra BCN or hotel rooms, to begin the party.

People who are looking for adult entertainment, usually want all types of sexual encounters, sometimes including nightclubs with bar and rooms, jacuzzi areas or private rooms with a large couch for sex in the middle. Sex toys are essential in adult entertainment. Independent escorts, for instance, use them to drive their clients crazy of pleasure.

Group sex, threesomes, attention to couples

Group sex, threesomes, attention to couples are not modern services, there are history records of luxury whores visiting the cities' wealthy houses to release the married couples' sexual passions.

Somehow, we could say sexual parties, call girls to homes, adult entertainment and threesomes or attention to couples, have been a wealthy and rich people business; it has not change since the beginning of civilization, but the Internet and social networks have mainstreamed sex, and this is definitely a good thing for everybody!

For many gentlemen fucking a 
stunning escort in Barcelona  is what they are looking for in life, but there is another way of requiring an adaptable escort's services; wives are fed up of having sex with their husbands and want to try it with a lady, because three is better than two. The lady ask the husband to call a call girl to homes or call girl to hotels and enjoys sex with another lady and her husband as well.

This is called threesomes or attention to couples, a very demanded sexual service on the Internet, increasing gradually, because many gentlemen get bored of hanging around with whores, and they rather enjoying sex with a Venezuelan escort and their own wives. This way the bed looks perfect. Meanwhile, the wife practises the lesbian sex she was dreaming of since high school but never dared to try. At last, with her husband approval and her consent, a whore gets into the married couple bed and makes them happy both physically and mental.

Dildos and sex toys

Some people say they do not find any pleasure in sticking a plastic thing into their assholes, but many say otherwise and enjoy with ecstasy the dildo parties. Escorts are offering dildo parties amongst their services; these things are an old business, even though they were not working with batteries or power supply. Dildos and sex toys have been fulfilling men and women's sexual cravings during our human history: crystal vibrators, wooden, ivory and jade dildos. Nowadays we use plastic, silicone and latex sex toys instead of the old dildos, and for many people are a basic tool for a booking date with an 
escort in Barcelona.
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