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Can Geishas be considered whores?
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Are geishas whores?

Tuesday 03 June 2014
A geisha is a woman who has received strong training in musical arts, dance and entertainment. The word itself means "artist", which is strongly related to learning to play instruments, to sing, to dance and to be a perfect hostess; needless to ensure that it takes years and years to become one of them.

The geisha as the image of the perfect woman

The geisha embodies the male fantasy of the perfect woman; much money is left to enjoy their company. Many Westerners think that a geisha is a bitch, but those who have travelled to Japan and know something of their culture say that a geisha is not a prostitute.

A geisha is successful among men when she finally embodies that unattainable perfection. Their services are required to entertain a party, of course a male party, where the client wants to ho in which the male customer wants to honour their friends or associates. The geisha is an expert in singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, telling stories, knowing men interests and flirting with them.

This art mastering woman is able to talk about politics or to explain the rules of a drinking game with the same calm and charm. We can say that the geisha is who entertains business meetings, the only female presence allowed, which has nothing to do with having sex.

Transvestites, always there

Originally, the geisha were men who were used to travelling throughout Japan performing at parties because women were totally removed from social life because Japanese culture was and still is very sexist. This false geisha had to chat and entertain, sing and dance, what we don’t know is whether she was also used to flirting and finally fucking distracted men who didn’t allow women in their private parties. Very clever that false transvestite geisha in high Japanese society meetings...

Female geishas, ​​who were real women and not transvestites, appeared in the early eighteenth century in the "pleasure quarters" throughout Japan.

Nowadays many different stories are told, talking about how they started their wanderings; one of them, tells that a group of women playing musical instruments and dancing in places where whores used to exchange sex for money with customers, because by then whores home servicing was not usual. In this mixture, the first geishas were born. Another story about its origins tells that there was a bitch who wanted to be a geisha, and it became a great success.

In any case, the new geisha was born and soon was a threat to the brothels as she worked independently and the brothel didn’t receive anything. To prevent whores be injured the government issued strict rules regarding the work of the geisha: their hours of dedication, their clothing, the place of performance, etc.

Having sex in exchange for money was something not allowed among their services so the government banned ordering only one geisha individually, instead, their services should always be hired with other geishas at the same time. Banning sex with a geisha only made them much more desired than whores.

Hunger caused the rise of geishas

Hard times came for Japanese families, sexist and lazy, so they had to sell their daughters to geisha houses; it seems they didn’t have anything else to sell...
At the tender age of five years old, girls began were trained to become the feminine perfection for male. The education received for years would be remunerated once the girl was a geisha and she acted in high society parties.

Nowadays, many women try to be part of these schools although some years ago there were newspaper ads looking for students to train to be the perfect woman for a man.

The requirements are many, for example, they must have a degree, at least until University, and subjects are so much and so hard that many students drop out.

Yes, geishas are whores

We resoundingly answer the question that opens this post: yes, geishas are prostitutes, escorts, whores or whatever you want to call them.

Japanese have elevated the prostitute to the status of a complete artist, because between a Chinese or Filipino whore and a geisha there are big differences but, anyway, both means entertaining a man in exchange of money. One of them starts singing and dancing and the other starts directly sucking a cock but both finish their service fucking under customer orders. However, it is said to be more likely a Japanese student giving sex for money than a geisha.

Geishas, very different whores

Although their dedication is the same as an escort who is dedicated to accompany the client either outside a luxury hotel room or inside it, it is true that the geisha has some artistic skills that escorts usually don’t have or at least not advertised on their list of services.

If a geisha, of course, can play musical instruments, sing, dance and recite poems she says nothing about her wisdom and expertise in sex, an escort does just the opposite, she says nothing about her arts knowledge, but she advertise her skills as a fucker.

There are a lot of differences between the eastern and western customer. First one seems much more likely to enjoy paid female company and he delays sex while the geisha dances, sings and recites; sex is a taboo, something floating in the atmosphere but the client doesn’t claim it from the beginning.

A western client seems to have much less time for his satisfaction and prefers to go straight to the sexual services required to the escort.

In any case, both need whores.
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