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Bisexual escorts in Barcelona and their sexual practices
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Bisexual escorts and a one hundred years old sexual services list

Wednesday 15 October 2014

The same old tricks

Today people talk about sex as if it were breaking news. Bisexual escorts or bisexual whores seem like a 21st century reality, however they have been out there for ages. On the internet sites, there are suggestive and confusing words describing sexual practices many people think as brand new. Reading the relax ads section in a newspaper, can make us believe our society is perverted and sunken in quick vicious empty sex, yet this system is also as old as the hills, like everything else. The same old tricks.

Intimate postures and practices in a bedroom are as old as any other human action, history is only about the same things over and over again; bisexual, straight and homosexual whores are part of the world's history. There is evidence to back these words; it has been discovered a menu service in a brothel run by madame Tasse, a lady who owned a few brothels in London during the beginning of the 20th century. Like in the present days, when the client browses websites and reads the prostitutes in Barcelona's  services, in the old days the whorehouse visitor could browse and read up a book with all the services' explanations and their matched prices.

Many people have denounced this publication is a joke or a fake; indeed, there are certainly some shocking suggestive practices, a lot more provoking than the ones people can read on a prostitutes in Barcelona or anywhere else website. The bisexual escorts practices were a usual service, as well as the regular client's demand of enjoying anal sex on his own behind.

Sex will always be sex, now and forever

Apart from the described exciting services, we can observe the prices have gone up since then. Madame Tasse offers to her clients to try "a fellatio with a finger introduced in the anus for 3,5£". Today, this practice would sound much more naïve when read by a client, being something more like "condomless blowjob with cumshot", and it definitely would not cost three pounds.

Madame Tasse describes the shag as "the old common romp for 2,5£"; titty sex is described as "a shag between two tight breasts for 1,5£"; black kiss-a practice where the anus is stimulated by the tongue-, in the old days it used to be called "the new trendy way of licking the anus with the tongue for 1,7£"; "doggy style for 2,8£" or a "ten minutes shag for 2,6£".

There was an outstanding service madame Tasse was offering in her menu list: the Pinkey special. One whore sat on the client's lap and placed her boobs in his mouth while the other prostitute was playing with his testicles and anus for 30£. It was very usual to give a service with two whores in the same room, what today we call a threesome duplex, because supposedly the two girls would not touch each other.

The imagination went beyond, "to watch a couple screwing while a whore masturbates a client for 0,75£"; "penis sucking while the client sucks a vagina for 6£" and "a young lady who pulls you a penis stiff for 0,75£".

Aimed to the young men who did not have much money, all Wednesdays at lunch time she offered morning wanks for boys under 21. Indeed, the clients did must pay beforehand, no discounts or credits were given.

Bisexual prostitutes

As we can see, back then there was nothing in that menu list you could not ask today to an escort. To have sex with two women at the same time was -and still is- all men's top fantasy, and a true way of making real the guy's dreams openly, is to call for sex professionals' services.

The bisexual whores services' demand, are some of the most googled terms on the site. Double pleasure for the man, double pair of tits, and double pack of asses and cunts. What else a man can ask for? A difficult practice to carry out quickly, but one of the most demanded in the sex business with bedroom professionals. A lot of prostitutes are offering the Lesbian or duplex threesome  sexual service, but it is not quite the same. The duplex threesome service means the guy enjoys the pleasure the two prostitutes -who do not touch themselves- give him; the man fulfills a fantasy where the two girls are only for him: an appropriate practice for sexual greedy men, who are looking for a cumming of their egos. Lesbian sex is more altruistic and playful, the two prostitutes touch, kiss and do whatever they like to each other as well as with the client.

While in the man's fantasy he is the star being between the two ladies, in the women's regard they can enjoy pretty much the same or even more without this guy; everybody knows an open mainstream natural sexual practice is a good way of having fun and giving endless pleasure to the body.

Bisexual escorts  do not have this problem, they simply offer in their services list the special  tip in company of another bisexual escort, and together they give off the man an unforgettable sexual experience, he would like to live over and over again for sure.

The top pleasure

This is why it is one of the most demanded and exciting practices of a bisexual escort's range of sexual services. Senior escorts  and young escorts  say it is very important that the professionals really like women, in order to offer the client a full pleasant experience, as well as they can have fun with each other. Bisexual escorts are the best option for sexual parties and events with democratic sex to all for all. In Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt this was a common practice in the high society circles, nowadays a pleasure for everybody, fortunately.

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