A long list keeps in public secret many names of celebrities who are addicted to sex. Many of them know each other, since they have publicly recognized it, just as others have not said any single word about it.

There is a figure not negligible of twelve million people suffering from sex addiction in United States, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

As we said, some celebrities have confessed to being under the influence of this addiction, so they feel unable to control their sexual needs.

The binomial "sexual addiction" and "famous people" manages to attract the attention of the audience, even seem frivolous, however it is a good way to talk about addiction about sex, because this is to enjoy it and not to get hooked on it and become in something negative for the welfare.

Michael Douglas, actor and director

Michael Douglas was one of the first celebrities to recognize that he had sex addiction. From his confession and his admission in 1990 in a center of treatment the term jumped to the streets and stopped being a secret. Later, when the subject was already on everyone's lips, Michael Douglas said that the information on his addiction was inaccurate.

Jesse James, television presenter

TV presenter and motorcycle mechanic Jesse James acknowledged that he had to go into therapy to treat hissex addiction after his wife, the Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock, caught him in bed with another woman. Nothing could be done and finally the actress was divorced.

In a television program James recognized that his therapy aimed to resolve conflicts with emotional and physical abuse suffered in childhood by his father. It is a fairly common trait in people who suffer from this dependence; they act harming themselves to reinforce the low self-esteem that their abuser left them.

Tiger Woods, golfer

Professional golfer Tiger Woods had to come to the rescue of his career and his marriage when a line of women claimed to have had sex with him. For his marriage he could do little except indemnify his ex-wife with a large sum of money.

His behavior with women and his text messages with marked sexual tone jumped to the magazines. Many people who suffer from this addiction need to go further and end up putting themselves in unsuspected dangers.

Hugh Grant, actor

In 1995 a great scandal came out of the actor with an escort for having sex, specifically oral sex, on public roads. This was the trigger to confess his addiction to sex and his lack of control in the most primal and sexual impulses.

At the time broke with his girlfriend, Liv Hurley, and was exposed to all means to apologize, and regain his reputation. Over the years he relapsed again.

Charlie Sheen, actor

The sexual promiscuity of actor Charlie Sheen was the subject of national conversation when Madam Heidi Fleiss testified in a Hollywood trial in 1994 that Charlie Sheen had paid $ 53,000 for the services of prostitutes.

Signs of his sex addiction were aimed at repeating with prostitutes again and again, frequent visits to strip clubs and having sex with multiple anonymous people.

Nicole Narain, model

Playboy model Nicole Narain asked for help to overcome her sex addiction in a reality show called Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, in 2009. Narain admitted to practicing chronic masturbation and participating in numerous sexual escapades, including one with actor Colin Farrel that jumped into public opinion in 2005.

Lonely sexual activity is also a key symptom to discover sex addiction. Three out of four sex addicts confess to masturbation without stopping.

David Duchovny, actor

The actor David Duchovny well known after his role in The X-Files, the series of paranormal events, plays a writer obsessed with sex in another television series called Californication.

His role was reinforced when he went by his own into treatment to control his sex addiction and later separated from his wife, Tea Leoni. Despite this, they have managed to save their relationship. It is very important in a couple to collaborate to overcome the problem and restore sincerity and intimacy in the relationship.

Britney Spears, singer and actress

The well-known artist Britney Spears went through a very convulsive and problematic phase of her life during the first decade of the 2000s.

Alcohol, drugs and sex were her main focus of addiction. Any type of luxury, whirlpool baths and round beds to enjoy orgies could not miss in her tours.

Today, the singer is still struggling with her addiction to sex, and that is why she is forbidden, her dance team and team in general, to have sex with each other or to consume any type of drug.