There are incredible myths. Like Elvis Presley is still alive, that Loch Ness is inhabited by a very nice monster or that North Korea truly loves its beloved leader. In addition to these, there are other myths more credible, as many of the Big Brother contestants have gone through the great factory of prostitution, not to mention the actors and actresses of Hollywood. In many cases, being beautiful and famous is linked to putting a high price on the body and checking that many are willing to pay.

It is undeniable that Big Brother has left us unmatched moments in our memory. Thanks to this format we have increased our knowledge of the human being, especially those who, despite their modesty, choose to expose themselves on the television screens of this planet only for the common good and for the sake of anthropology.

The Prostitutes of Big Brother

Already in the early days of Big Brother, we met two sex workres who jumped to fame. One of them, the dyed blonde, was carrying her past as a prostitute, and the other girl left the show when it was publicized that during her years as a university student, she also was prostitute.

On the other hand, Colmenero, winner of Big Brother in Argentina, also openly acknowledged that her job was to sexually calm all those who, after payment, requested her services. After taking the prize of the contest she decided to redirect her professional career to devote himself to astrology and the divination of horoscopes.

Other famous prostitutes in Spain

But in Spain, not all prostitutes who have achieved fame (for their work or for other reasons) have participated in Big Brother. And it may just be rumors, but when people talk about this topic, it is always said that:

Ivonne Reyes. Her alleged representative appeared before the cameras in 2010 to announce that the famous presenter charged 12,000 euros for her services as a company girl.

Marlene Morreau. The Frenchwoman ended up confessing her past as a luxury prostitute, although only "accompanying gentlemen to dinner".

Malena Gracia. She was surprised by a hidden camera where she had sex with a gentleman and collected money at the end of the act. She acknowledged the facts, although she is currently trying to get away from her previous job.

Sonia Monroy. Her price was 3,000 euros or at least this is reflected in the book "Famosas y putas" written by Antonio Salas; although she has always insisted on clarifying that this was her fee to act as singers for private events.

"Hollywood" as a whorehouse

As the handsome and interesting John Cusack said, Hollywood is a whorehouse. And it is no secret that many actresses and actors of Hollywood have been stars of luxury prostitution before being cinema stars. Some of the most popular cases are:

Kim Novak is another of the Hollywood actresses who previously were sex worker before making the leap to fame. A Chicago police report of 1960 explains how she was caught "on the spot".

Julia Roberts is now famous for her Christmas ads, but before starring Pretty Woman was a real prostitute, so in the famous movie with Richard Gere she is really interpreting herself as the prostitute who did not kiss her clients. In the film, she was an expert in making the "girlfriend experience”.

Halle Berry, the beautiful black beauty of Agent 007 is also known, apart from the scene in which she leaves the sea in her sexy bikini, for having offered her body to rich men in exchange for their money.

And the beautiful Michelle Pffeifer, who leaves breathless to all who look at her, also began her career as a great Hollywood actress thanks to her sexual skills that led her to get their first roles.

After all, prostitution and acting have the common art of pretending, and hopefully, getting very high without having to go through Big Brother.