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Celebrity prostitutes: from Big Brother to Hollywood actresses
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Celebrity prostitutes: from Big Brother to Hollywood actresses

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Some urban legends are mind-bending, like the still alive Elvis Presley one, or the old story about the friendly monster living in the loch Ness, or the one saying the North Korean inhabitants truly love their dear leader; yet, some other more plausible stories say most of the Big Brother's male and female contestants have been working in the prostitution business before, as well as some Hollywood actors and actresses. In many cases, being pretty and famous means selling their bodies for a high price, proving that many guys are willing to pay for it.

We cannot deny that Big Brother TV show has given to our memories remarkable moments. Thanks to this show -well, let's not call it abuse- we have learned about the human beings' nature, especially those humans who, in spite of their shyness, choose to expose themselves on the worldwide TV screens for the common good and for anthropologic purposes.

How to lose 3,000€ in five minutes

Sometimes there is no difference between being a Big Brother male contestant and a male whore, or between a female Big Brother contestant and a female whore. It is not in the show's script intentions to look for the contestants' darkest backgrounds, but against their will and caring for the audience level's increment, the scripts crowd up our living rooms with wonderful fairy tales characters, like for instance, Igor, from the 1,400 edition, sorry, the 14th.

This fellow was the front cover in the most erudite Spanish magazines thanks to his job as a whore. This guy happened to steal the credit card number of one of his needed ladies, for the purpose of betting 3,000€ in on-line casinos. The man was not very intelligent, and let's not get fooled, this money wasn't his and everything counts, so he lost the full amount in five minutes. Definitely the lady's cumshot ended up being a little bit more expensive than they agreeded before.

Whores everywhere

Much before this mentioned season, during the first Big Brother editions, two whores became celebrities. One of them was a dyed blonde girl -you know, the carpet doesn't match the drapes-, who had a background as a prostitute; and there was another girl -a better looking one-, who quitted the educational show when it was unveiled her past as part-time prostitute, when she was studying at the university, she had been a proper uni girl escort.

Whore and astrologist

It is not only in the cured ham's country where the Big Brother contestants have worked as female and male whores. In distant Argentina, the maté's country, prostitution and the surveilling eye are best mates. Certainly, their attitude towards the contestants -female whores- was nicer. Instead of throwing them out of the house, they made them win the contest.

Last years' edition, the call girl called Colmenero won the show's contest, a lady who, let's be honest, did confess openly that her job was to sexually calm every soul who paid for her services in advance. And Argentina -a land of opportunities and come-true dreams-, decided to award her, making her the winner of this anthropophagite, sorry philanthropic TV show.

And, what happened to the call girl named Colmenero after winning the award and the money? Well, she quitted her job as a prostitute, or she said so, and became an astrologist. Women who have slept with so many people, have obviously learned what make souls uneasy and what takes their peace away. Therefore, the winner prostitute, thought about making a living of the exact science called horoscope reading.

She might had not been very good at it, when she could not foresee the little profit her new business would give to her. A wasted award money from the TV show, and an out of order prophecy crystal ball; now the lady lives modestly, and probably is turning out many offers for taking back her occupation as a whore; we believe now she is offered more money than before because of this celebrity-fucking feeling.

Whorehouse “Hollywood”

The interesting and handsome John Cusack, said it before, Hollywood is a whorehouse. The actor has been working in the film industry since the eighties, so he might have a little idea of what is going on there. It is not a stereotype that Hollywood actresses and actors have been prostitution stars before becoming big screen stars.

Celebrity prostitutes had not always become famous when they worked as luxury escorts, some of them were working hard before. Sofia Loren was a nightclub call girl called “La Simpática” (the nice one), a quite well-known gossip by everybody.

Kim Novak is another Hollywood actress, who previously worked as a whore and that made her become famous later. A Chicago report in 1960 explains how she was caught “doing it”. Even though with these puritan Americans, who knows if she was only screwing her lover.

Julia Roberts was famous because of her Christmas adverts with a silly face, but her background reveals that she was a very pretty whore, a role that she starred at Pretty Woman, a film talking about her own life, a prostitute who did not kiss her clients. How nice! This was because she did not know the girlfriend experience(GFE) was very well paid.

Halle Berry, the gorgeous 007 agent's black beauty, is also well known -apart from the scene when she is coming out of the sea in a sensual bikini- for having offered her body to rich men in exchange of their money.

And the beautiful Michelle Pffeifer -a jaw-drapping experience for those who look at her-, also started her career as a famous Hollywood actress due to her sexual skills, that led her to play her first main characters in movies.

After all, becoming a prostitute and acting involve pretending skills, and if one is lucky, climbing to the top does not imply to get through the Big Brother 500.

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