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Don't shit where you eat
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Don't shit where you eat

Friday 06 November 2015

Although cinema and television have promoted the fact of dating a mature escort or a luxury whore in Barcelona at their own chic apartments which are well located and fully equipped for sexual encounters, most escorts and their clients prefer to book a hourly rental luxury room and focus on deep throat and golden shower without needing to think about cleanning to get it ready for the next anxious-for-sex client. Let's see what advantages have Catalan escortsCuban escortsRussian escorts, or teen university escorts in Barcelona who do outcall services to hotels.

Time is precious

Escorts and whores in Barcelona know time is precious. Every moment of pleasure counts; and there are many clients who are willing to take their pants off and date a sensual hot escort. There's no time to waste. A Catalan escort we have meet thinks that dating clients at a hotel is favourable to control time- "When the date time is over and the client I'm dating is not one of my favorites, I don't waste a second. I have many clients to receive and I need time between one date and the next one to get ready: have a shower, choose a dress, make up and all that. I can't be held up; If I received my clients at my apartment, I would waste more time."

A Russian escort in Barcelona has told us that, at the beginning of her career as a sex-professional, she always received clients at her luxury apartment until she notice it was difficult to end some dates. "Everything went delayed. That problem was solved when I started dating them at Perla Negra. We start on time and when it's over, I get out of the room and get ready for the next date."

Private life

Fucking several clients at home per day is not the best way to maintain your privacy. We have talked to a teen university escort who says that she hadn't much spare time, so she received at her apartment. She provided their clients with deep throat and golden shower, but her privacy just went away with every cumming. "I had clients who came to see me without having booked a date to chat. But, my studies and my luxury whore life made me don't have time to chat. Then, I started to date my clients at hotels or at Perla Negra and decided to use my apartment to study only. That is how I succeeded at splitting my life as a teen university escort and my student life. It wasn't easy but it had to be like that."

The fantasy of dating a non-whore

Don't fool ourselves. Many clients pay for an escort service in Barcelona, but they really daydream about having a real date, and seducing their women. A Cuban escort has told us that when she received at home, there were clients who asked her how many clients had had that day and looked at the room kind of lost, as if they were stepping on a hostile territory. " You have better date them at a hotel or at a private apartment to keep the fantasy alive. I want them to feel as real kings, so they must feel comfortable and not feel they are only a number in the long list of men I fuck every week. I like making them feel special and unique, that's why I prefer to date them at a luxury hotel."

Apartments are expensive

Luxury escorts and whores in Barcelona know it right. Providing the client with a suitable apartment for this business is expensive. District, zone, flat quality, and decoration. Everything must be in concordance with luxury. In addition, it is advisable to renew it regularly, so it require a lot of money produced by deep throats and golden showers of the Catalan escorts, Cuban escorts, Russian escorts, and teen university escorts in Barcelona.

Do they really want to invest so much money in a place for sex, when it is that easy to book an hourly rental luxury room? Of course, not. That is why escorts in Barcelona usually collaborate with clubs like Perla Negra, or work in private apartments. A mature escort has told us her apartment was her sex sanctuary, but she realized soon that she was spending too much money in improving it to make it more luxurious and nice. "I don't do deep throatGreek anal sexbareback blowjobstitty blowjobsgolden shower and GFE to invest all my benefits in an apartment, it is better to meet your clients outside."

Gossiping tongues

Escorts in Barcelona and their clients prefer to keep their activity in private. Nobody cares about what they do, or what dirty and pervert fantasies they fulfill once the door is closed. A flow of clients at escorts' apartments is not most discrete way to practice deep throat, golden shower, light BDSM, and transvestism. Coming in and out of the apartment of a beautiful escort will attract the attencion of gossiping tongues and could even be a problem. 

A Russian escort in Barcelona tells us that that flow of clients awoke the interest of their neighbors. The silliest of them started to make propositions not as clients, but as opportunists. "Taking the lift with one of my neighbors was extremely awkward. Some of my female neighbors glare at me. In the end, I had to move away and get the dates out of my private life. People who fuck little and badly have very gossiping tongues."

To conclude, we can affirm that it is better for luxury escorts and whores to keep the distances between the bed where they sleep and the bed where they fuck. As the saying states: don't shit where you eat."

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