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Thursday 01 October 2015

Escorts, clients and prejudices

Two opposites touch in the intimacy of an hourly rental luxury room. Being a whore is still a stigma who few people are able to understand; being a punter has the same connotations. Escorts  and clients are united by paid sex, so people who are not in the business or don’t understand it assign negative aspects to it. Whores and clients carry much weight. Today on our beloved blog, we will talk about stereotyped whore clients, also known as punters.

Whores usually don’t say what are their job because of several reasons which include avoiding seeing troubled looks when they speak about it. Whores, escorts, or prostitutes carry the weight of stereotypes like drug-addiction, harassment, mental illness, immorality, perversion and many other alike adjectives. Many clients believe such statements, but… what do escorts think about their clients? What prejudices do punters bear? What prejudices have prostitutes against the rest of the world?

They are all the same

Thanks to talking to luxury escorts  and mature escorts in Barcelona, we have discovered some of the prejudices they have about their clients and the rest of Earth. For example, they think all their clients are the same. No way. It is a mistake to think that all clients date escorts for a unique reason: fucking. It may seem a lie, but fucking is not the unique and main reason. It is not like that! - according to punters from all around the world.

Among clients, wealthy businessmen are outstanding and ask for the weirdest things which go far beyond from blowjobs and vaginal sex. On the contrary, other clients who are apparently weird, may be mainstream. Escorts say that the best way of avoiding stereotypes is to ask the client what he wants and don’t take anything for granted.

Religious people hate whores

There will probably be difficulties to enjoy a sexual encounter hold by religious fanatics and escorts because both of them are judging themselves as to be whores or hypocrites. Nevertheless, there are religious people who live their faith naturally and accept their sexual needs as a part of their most human side. After all, sex wasn’t created by us, so it’s kind of divine, or even totally divine.

West world has taken steps back regarding this aspect, since sex was sacred time ago. Priestesses, Venus the goddess of love in all her versions, and interesting Kamasutra are a few examples of it.

Not all policemen are a nightmare

Nowadays, prostitution is not recognized or legally organized. In Spain, prostitution is legal, but pimping is illegal. There are some city councils who believe they can put an end to prostitution by simply using the police and fining  people on the streets. Actually, the police has revealed many illegal prostitution networks, so many women forced into prostitution in the cities have been released. Policemen can be allies as they try to put an end to human trafficking.

Not everyone has prejudices against escorts

Although there is a general idea of prostitution having more downs than ups, there are also many people who has not a clear idea about escorts, so meeting one will provide them with the opportunity to enlighten this business.

I will never find a partner

It is not true that escorts aren’t able to find a partner while they work on prostitution. Pretty Woman film isn’t only a movie, but also a story which is closely related to real life. Partners can be found at any atmosphere, including at a date with an escort. Many escorts comment that have had emotional relationships with some of their clients at some point. Obviously, this is not the most common thing to happen, but you can find love in any encounter.

Talking to a doctor

Although it may seem embarrassing to explain this kind of job, and how many services you provide per day, the truth is that doctors and nurses are really used to listen the most intimate stories. For sure, they have more than one patient who work as a prostitute, so they are used to conversations which include what we could label as porn details.

I have no power nor a status

Many whores and escorts think that their job puts them under a low social status and takes all their power away. It is the contrary. Luxury escorts are powerful women since their clients are wealthy and socially well positioned people who trust their sex partners more than some of their business partners, or even wives. It is common to read articles in magazines about millionaires and escorts  relationships, being the last ones the keepers of their client’s company secrets. Many clients believe their escorts are psychologists, so they talk to them as they wouldn’t do with anybody else.

Don’t judge if you don’t like to be judged

Although preconceived ideas are wrong and annoy escorts, clients, and individuals, there are few people who are able to free from them. The best way to behave is not to judge what we have in front of us to avoid being judged. What do you think about promoting an open mentality which states that not all whores are immoral sexual objects, and not all men are punters who look for paid sex?

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