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Tuesday 08 September 2015

Escorts and their services: secret passions

Secret passions can be defined as paraphilias. It refers to those strange things we like to do in bed, which really attract our attention but we have never tried; they are usually unimaginable for the other people. Among the most renowned paraphilias are: light BDSM , voyeurism, and exhibicionism. Fetishes and fantasies are our topics for today, too. If you feel embarrassed about asking your partner to do certain practices, you can date a luxury escort or a mature escort in Barcelona and taste the forbidden fruit.

Paraphilias are also known as those ways of exciting which aren’t normal for traditional sex; they may become a problem if they are a needed condition to get turned on and reach orgasm. Escorts in Barcelona know a lot about their clients’ secret passions.

The most desired fantasies

Oral sex, better known on the Internet as blowjob, or bareback blowjob becomes a fantasy when we add certain elements which transform it. This is the case of titty blowjob, a practice which consists of blowing while grabbing the penis with the breasts instead of the hands. Same happens with sex, which becomes different when we simply add a dress code and keywords to increase or soften pain and humiliation in light BDSM.  

Luxury escorts and mature escorts in Barcelona usually answer quickly when we ask about their clients’ most desired fantasies. Titty job is among them. Most men want to feel the pleasurable sensation they get when an escort masturbate them with her breasts instead of her hands.

Bareback blowjob is another fantasies which are often requested by clients to escorts. It consists of oral sex without using a condom. Not all the escorts provide this service because of hygiene and health reasons; however, there are some escorts who do it, and that’s how they become the most requested escorts in Barcelona.

There is another kind of blowjob which is remarkably outstanding because it is one of the most dirty and pervert fantasies. CIF (cum in face) consists of a blowjob where the client ends on the face of the escort. This is a very controversial practice and it is offered by a few escorts. It is one of the most expensive practices because of the dominant sensation it provides.

Another clients’ fantasy is anal sex. This practice consists of putting a dick in the ass, obviously with a condom; it is also a service offered by some luxury escorts or mature escorts in Barcelona, but most of them don’t advertise it among their services, you should maybe talk to the escort you choose to know if she does it.

Desire’s fetishes

Fetishes are those objects which get us so excited just by seeing them, in addition, we need them to have sex. Many clients get wildly excited when they see red high heel shoes, black lace lingerie, a parfum, a leather whip, Dr. Martens boots, a tattoo, or any other thing which awake their sex desire and mean something special to them.

Mature escorts and luxury escorts in Barcelona know exactly what to do when somebody asks for certain clothes, colors, or parfum. They know that person is a fetishist client who like those kind of things to get horny.

Therefore, inked escorts are a fetish themselves. They are seen as strong escorts, who have lives full of stories to tell or to hide; they tattoo their skins without caring about social appearance.

Secret pleasure paraphilias

Finally, we are going to get back to paraphilias. They can become a problem when someone is so dependent that he or she can’t get sexual pleasure or reach orgasm without them.

For example, many people like watching their partner in the shower while they don’t notice it. At first, it is only a passionate look, it isn’t important. The problem comes when the observer needs to look at someone in the shower to enjoy sex.

Among the most renowned paraphilias we can find sadomasochism  or BDSM  (bondage and sadomasochism); the first of them involves causing pain and  humiliation, the second one also use strings to tie the submissive.

At this game, one of the participants, the submissive, gets pain and humiliation for pleasure. The other participant, the dominant, is in charge of giving it. A whole language full of keywords and codes help to slow down or increase intensity when needed.

Light BDSM is offered by some mature escorts or luxury escorts in Barcelona. However, it is not a suitable practice for everyone. Other renowned paraphilia is voyeurism, in which there’s an observer who gets excited only by watching secretly  someone else. Escorts offer services for couples , in a room with three people, one can look while the other two have sex in all imaginable positions. Exhibicionism is the contrary, getting excited by the idea of someone looking at you. During a service for couples, the exhibicionist would be the one the one enjoying sex with the escort in front of his or her partner.

With a luxury escort or a mature escort in Barcelona, it is really possible to do many practices apart from traditional sex we can watch on mass media. You can book a date and go up to the following stage of pleasure. 

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