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Escorts and whores: longlife sexual practices
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Escorts and whores: longlife sexual practices

Thursday 26 November 2015

Some people think that certain renowned sexual practices have their origin in the recent times, but they are wrong. There is nothing new in them, and this also involves the practices that the beautiful whores and escorts in Barcelona are able to perform to a partner in a room where the wettest and most perverted dreams live. On our beloved blog, we are going to talk about a red-hot appealing subject: God bless sex ;-)

Mature escorts in Barcelona, who are far from being mature women because they are in their late twenties, say there are men who ask for weird things, but most of them still ask for “normal things.”

But, what may seem normal to mature escorts? It probably won’t be the same for non-whore girls. Mature escorts are outstanding because of their elegance and sensuality, not because of weird propositions. “Men who meet me usually look for something more than sex, for a conversation up to their expectations, for feminine manners, for seductive looks, walks, and also sexy movements in bed. I don’t need to propose golden shower, or deep throat, my clients are interested in something more classical.”

On Cuban and Catalan escort profiles, luxury whores and black whores in Barcelona, we can find all kinds of propositions for clients to give free rein to their red-hottest and most perverted side.

Fantasies to the fullest, a room in flames and pleasurable sex. Perfect!

Golden shower, CIF (cum in face) blowjob, threesomelesbian , duo, titty blowjobs, mouth fucking, strap-ons, and dildos are only a little part of escort and whores’ job in Barcelona. In case you didn’t know, one of the most demanded services is golden shower, a practice which consists of peeing on somebody. For psychiatrists, this is a paraphilia. Do you get horny by thinking about a Russian escort peeing on you? Or, on the contrary, do you get horny by thinking about you being peed by a teen university escort?

What hides behind this practice? We aren’t sure, but we know for sure that this means to go beyond the traditional missionary position and the longlife renowned blowjob. Psychiatrists say that paraphilias can be defined as to be weird things we have to do in order to enjoy sex; without them, we won’t get pleasure, nor reach orgasm. While peeing on your sex partner doesn’t become a habit, there is nothing to worry about. You may want to pee on somebody someday, but it doesn’t means you become a golden shower addict instantly.

Titty blowjobs, mouth fucking and Greek anal sex ahead!

Some escorts in Barcelona confirm that normal is usually enough to keep clients happy; they have enough a black escort who performs a good blowjob on them and vaginal penetration. Sometimes, fantasy is what comes after having had much sex.

Titty blowjob refers to a service we can find on mature escorts’ profiles in Barcelona, Catalan escorts in Barcelona, or Cuban escorts in Barcelona, which consists of these beauties performing a blowjob holding the man’s dick with their breasts. We are sure your mouth watered while reading it. In case you haven’t enough with a hot blowjob provided by one of these luxury whores, you can also experience their breasts as if they were hands.

We have mentioned mouth fucking. There are Russian escortsteen university escorts, and black whores in Barcelona who provide this practice which consists of putting your dick in a mouth and fucking it then, as if it was a pussy. In other words, it is a blowjob where the escort lets the client set the pace. What do you think about it? We are sure this is going to be the next service you ask for!

Greek, also known as anal sex, consists of putting it in an ass hole. Sometimes, escorts and whores in Barcelona offer this practice, in addition they add “deep” in the title, because putting it deep has a point. Deep throat and deep anal sex refer to the same thing.

Duo and lesbian

Teen university escorts told us that duo and lesbian are two highly demanded services. The point is to get into a room with two escorts or whores because life is short and we should enjoy it as much as we can. In duo services escorts don’t touch each other, it may seem insane but some men feel excited by the idea of having two escorts only for themselves. In lesbian services, however, the two escorts or whores touch themselves as if it was their last day on Earth. Visualizing it is so hot that they don’t have to make big efforts to make their clients have a hard-on.

So, do you truly think this is new? Not at all, the Ancient Greeks were big fans of Greek anal sex; the Romans liked duo, lesbian and also big orgies. Nowadays, all money goes for whores and cocaine.

Sex makes us forget about anything else, keeps us hot, and provides us with wet dreams in our lonely nights. What would we do without it? Impossible to think. Better get immersed in escorts’ practices.

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