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Monday 02 May 2016

What do escorts think about their job?

It is usual to speak about the sex skills of escorts in Barcelona and let aside other aspects. People are interested in how skilled they are in bareback blowjob and deep Greek anal sex, they usually don’t deepen in their personality. Their virtues in bed and their curves are largely praised; clients describe their endless list of wonderful services they perform, they report their experiences with the best escorts, but they don’t talk about what escorts think, or what are they likings when it comes to sex. Today on our beloved blog, we will see the other side of the same coin. You may like or don’t like what you are about to read. We are talking about it, anyway.

I like being a slut

Most escorts in Barcelona like being sluts because they like luxury, money, seeing how their bank accounts grow fast, and experiencing situations they wouldn’t be able to if they weren’t escorts. This doesn’t mean that they daydreamt about becoming sluts when they were little children. No, becoming sluts wasn’t what they had in mind for a career, but there they are now and they are good at it.

Sluts enjoy all their clients’ dicks

Of course not. Let’s not exaggerate. Sluts enjoy some of their clients’ dicks, but it looks like they enjoy all of them, that’s the secret to be a professional slut in Barcelona; providing blowjobs nonstop, fucking many times a day and pretending you are enjoying all of them. We have talked to escorts in Barcelona and they have confessed us that some of their clients are good fuckers, attractive, wealthy and clean; that is the kind of client they like to fuck. Fucking smelly guys isn’t an attractive idea, is it?

DATY an escort in Barcelona

Many men think that dating a prostitute is alike to dating a pornstar who will enjoy as much as them; however, this isn’t necessary. Escorts are sex professionals, so they are used to give pleasure and not receive in exchange; it won’t be a problem for you to cum before her, or not to DATY her. In fact, escorts prefer their dates to be fast and cool, respectful and without excessive grope. You can ask your escort if she’d like you to DATY her, because she probably will want to go straight to the point. If you don’t elongate unnecessarily your time with your escort, she will want to elongate her time with you for real. Do you get it?

I pay, I order you

No, it doesn’t work like that. If a client wants to cum on her game partner’s eye, then he will have to ask her for permission and agree this fantasy with her. Sluts are sex masters and their professional career is focused on fucking, but this doesn’t mean they have to accept weird suggestions. This is why communication is so important and make sure that your best escort agrees with your fantasy.

I won’t leave until I cum

Some clients think that dating an escort in Barcelona gives them right to take a long time to cum. Actually, escort dates last for a fixed time, so it is your problem not to cum during the agreed time. So, before saying “I won’t leave until I cum”, you’d better talk to your escort. The best escorts have a tight agenda. So, they have little time between dates to go home, take a shower, get ready, take a nice outfit on and attend their next date. That is why any delay affects escorts and the clients who are anxious to get lost in their arms.

I think she likes me

Sexual relations with a prostitute can be pleasing, but we shouldn’t confound it with love. Sometimes, GFE includes caresses, sweet lookings, kisses and fucking as if we were a couple, but don’t let yourself fooled by the escort’s professionality; she isn’t trying to seduce you, she is simply working. So, enjoy your time with a real professional and don’t even think about gifting her with a bunch of roses.

Fucking bareback

Fucking escorts in Barcelona bareback isn’t usual, but be sure that escorts who are up for this have fucked a lot of people before you. Having sex without artificial barriers rocks, but barriers are needed to finish with viruses and bacteria. Your genitals will thank you for it.

You should be the one paying for it

This is the most typical joke after a sexual date with an escort in Barcelona: you should be the one paying for it! Save this joke or escorts will turn you down in the blink of an eye. You aren’t the best fucker, neither are as sexy as escorts in Barcelona, so you’d better shut up and wave them goodbye to your next date.

Escorts in Barcelona, erupting volcanoes

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