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Escorts in Barcelona: it is difficult to feel so much pleasure with a stranger
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Escorts in Barcelona: it is difficult to feel so much pleasure with a stranger

Tuesday 01 March 2016

Your mouth is watering thinking about the next big moment of your life. Since the last time, you can’t stop thinking about her open legs waiting for you. Her fishnet tights and her carmine lipstick. All your days seem to be the same until you pick up the phone and set up another date with one of your favorite escorts in Barcelona. Today, on our beloved blog, we will get deep in the point of view of punters who can’t avoid going punting.

Although statistics usually try to distort reality, some of them make people be aware of some things. There are opinion polls about silly stuff which aren’t interesting for us because the results they show aren’t real. Maybe the better option is to talk to men who know other men and can explain how they see and experience the escorts’ world in Barcelona.

Without exaggerating, we can affirm that half of the male population in this city have dated an escort in Barcelona. Going punting is cool, that’s why we are defending the right to buy and sell consenting sex between adults.

We have talked to some clients of escorts in Barcelona who usually come over to Perla Negra to have a drink and switch off their brain; we have asked them how often they go punting, specially in the case of escorts in Barcelona. A man in his thirties has told us that he started punting when he was very young. His friends paid for his first escort when he was sixteen, and he kind of liked fucking women without having to seduce them. Of course, he thought the best part of having sex with a professional is that you don’t need to tell her how to perform a blowjob because she already knows it.

We have asked them  if they also practice unpaid sex; they have answered that they practice it, but they think that having sex with an escort in Barcelona is easier because they get exactly what they want: a great shag and drinking a bottle of champagne while they are laying naked on a bed.

Most men who date escorts in Barcelona are married. Does it mean that they don’t have good sex with their wives? The mature fifty-year-old client has denied it, he has explained that in his opinion, letting fresh air in his marriage is the best way to preserve it. Men and women can become bored of having sex with the same partner. Love doesn’t vanish, but passion does; that’s the point where the idea of dating an escort in Barcelona comes up, to ask her for the most perverted fantasies and enjoying those moments to the fullest.

We have asked the classic wealthy dream-man in his forties how many of the people he knows go punting. He has affirmed that the majority of the men he knows go punting. In addition, during congresses and events they invite their friends to attend private parties with escorts in Barcelona where business are left apart to have sex, maybe in front of the other attendants. Friends are friends in all situations!

Yes, many men enjoy going punting and consider it as to be a craving, a moment to pamper themselves. That moment when a spectacular escort in Barcelona is waiting for them to have a drink and rent a suite at Perla Negra, where they will be able to ask for that fantasy they have in mind. What do they like more about having sex with an escort in Barcelona? They clearly behave different from other sex partners. Clients say they know what they want, they act sluty and don’t have limits. Escorts in Barcelona perform titty fuck, bareback blowjob, Greek anal sex, deep throat, golden shower, light BDSM, and even GFE if they are asked for it.

An escort in Barcelona have a lot of virtues. One of the men we have talked to has commented that people at nightclubs get jealous to see you accompanied by such an incredible woman. They get astonished to see her dancing in a tight dress, wearing high heels and looking only at you. This is his favorite part, warming up being totally aware of what comes next.

It is curious to think about all the different types of escorts in Barcelona. Escorts are from different countries and have different accents and measures. There are men who get amazed by the charms of an escort and focus all their efforts in spending time by her side.

We are sure they have experienced it at least once. The boy in his thirties has confirmed us this. He once fell in love with a super special escort in Barcelona. She was really pretty and she didn’t look like a whore, she was young and loved sex; they connected and he got a thousands orgasms during the months they dated, but it was a too dangerous game to keep playing. The boy has told us that that escort in Barcelona was pure dynamite; he thinks it is difficult to feel so much pleasure with a stranger, but this wasn’t the case because they connected since the very first moment they met.

Satisfying an escort in Barcelona who is used to fuck many men is difficult, but when there’s chemistry between a client and his escort in Barcelona, they become an erupting volcano.

This is an example about unexpected stories between an escort in Barcelona and her client.

Enjoy pleasure with an escort in Barcelona.

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