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Escorts in Barcelona and their different nationalities
Escorts International edition

Escorts by nationality: An endless list. Part II

Tuesday 13 May 2014
6.Colombian Escorts

If you have seen Shakira's hip throw, you might have already an idea about these girls' style. Amongst their best features we can highlight their friendly character, they love dancing and having fun, and furthermore they are really horny in bed. Usually they have tanned exotic perfumed skin and long smooth dark hair. Neither their dark eyes will disappoint you, nor their eagerness to have sex at all times. Colombian escorts are unbeatable sexual partners, only topped by their sensual accent and thick lips. They are generally 5,24 to 5,57 feet tall, being more short girls than tall ones; this is a bonus in bed, because with their size and hot spirit you will be able to practice lots of postures with these escorts.

5.Brazilian Escorts

Brazil, what else can we say about this country its own name does not evoke already? Its perfect definition is exuberance , like its ladies. To the Latin American inherent sensuality, we add the crazy lovely ladies' accent, the African brawny butt and the hot sun running through their veins. Brazilian escorts are really pleasant with their clients and very active in bed. They love either fucking men and women, they are the perfect lovers. Think about a crazy sweaty sex afternoon session, really open and hard sex and this is what a Brazilian escort will give you.

Sex in Barcelona has not ever been so powerful since these girls from Brazil got to the city. They are jolly and give you good conversation, they like dancing, having a good time, drinking, flirting and they love specially having sex. They have stunning bodies, very well-made, bundled and generously curved. Spending an afternoon with a Brazilian escort is learning what “fucking” means, she will make you enjoy both your bodies to unlimited pleasures.

4.French Escorts

Our neighbours from beyond the Pyrenees mountains have won the good lovers' fame for ages, they even have given name to the tongue mouth kiss (French Kiss), to the cock sucking (in Spanish to have a French means to have a blowjob), and their country is the supposed called the country of love. But, how actually a French escort can be defined? For instance, Catherine Deneuve starred the Buñuel's film “Belle de jour” (1967), a gorgeous young lady who couldn't have all the sex she needed and chooses to become a whorehouse call-girl.

The French escort potential is her insatiability. She carries an inner volcano asking for more and more sex all the time, even though she apparently holds back her energy. They are stylish, they love dressing well, they are generally polite, and we come across again to a legendary sensual accent. Their might look shy but in no time their skilled fingers will pull your zip down and you'll find a hand holding it earnestly. Physically speaking there are different kinds of French escorts: dark-haired, brunettes and blondes, with blue, green or dark eyes. They are 5,41 to 5,74 feet tall and they offer a nice conversation, although the best thing is to go to bed asap and see how they ask for more when you are really horny and aroused.

3.Ukrainian Escorts

We have already mentioned the Slavic beauty pattern; these are very powerful escorts, they have perfect bodies and beautiful proportioned facial features. They take their job seriously, their target is the client's satisfaction and to make of him a regular client. These girls are usually slim, sculptural, they have long smooth blond hair, light blue eyes and fair pale skins. To go to bed with an Ukrainian escort is a warranty of having sex with a beauty. Don't let be fooled by their apparent fragility and daintiness, since they are great fuckers and can make the client collapse in bed and the bar, and get sexually satisfied with the same client as long as they want. They love hot-blooded gentlemen, like the Mediterranean guys, and they show it with their passionate blowjobs, black and white kisses, bondage practices, dressing-up sessions, anal sex and any other service they can offer you.

2.Egyptian Escorts

If you are looking for exoticism in a girl, what you need is fucking an Egyptian escort. Her dark eyes deepness and heir features remote evocations will drive you crazy in bed. They have dark long smooth hair and skin; the Egyptian escorts usually speak English or Spanish, they are nice and beautiful companions, always ready to have all the sex the client asks for until he weakly collapses completely satisfied of his desire. A dinner date and further sexual encounter with one of these girls is an arousing wish, totally different of what you had before. Their bodies, no very tall, are well shaped, and they usually have big boobs, round butts and a deep throat the sexual partner will be able to entire stick the whole thing in.

1.Spanish Escorts

The number one of your dream's list, full of sexual companions you'll want to enjoy in your lifetime, there is the Spanish escort . There is no communication problems at all, the language, the traditions, the gestures, everything matches with your known world. What do we need to say about the Spanish escort sexual potential? Beauty and passion are her main assets. You can find many physical kinds, dark-haired, brunettes, blondes, red-haired, short, tall, dark and light eyed girls; what really matches your tastes is the craving for good, passionate, wild and unlimited sex pleasure. She will join you to the place you need to go and later she will unzip your trousers and give you everything you ask and more.

And here is the most wanted international escorts list. Now you have read about them, you can start for the one you feel more curious about and make of your life something glorious enjoying sex with the best escorts in the world.

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