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Escorts cosplay: More than a sex game.
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Escorts cosplay: More than a sex game.

Monday 20 March 2017

Don’t be surprised if escort cosplay originated in Japan. The country of the rising sun has been on more than one occasion our objective when we talk about kinkiness and fantasy in sex. Japanese people eat lots of raw fish and that keeps the brain on a creative mode. Today on our dear blog we keep digging into the sexuality of the creators of sushi, sake and theYakuza.

At the root of more than one fetish practiced in the west, as if they had invented it, we find japan. Those short men and their wonderful geishas are thinking heads when it comes to sex and 4x4 cars.

Here cosplay sounds like something new while there they are more than used to practicing it. コスプレ is pronounced kosopure in Japanese. Adapted to us, we’ll say that cosplay is a mixture of the English words costume and play, meaning, disguises game. Everything clear so far, right?

The participants or cosplayer disguise themselves to add a great dose of fantasy to sex as that’s their ultimate objective. Originally, their disguises in the cosplay correspond to videogames, comics, manga, cinema, anime and books. All of it part of the Japanese imaginary. Its style is well known to the rest of the world, for its singularity and fantasy, narrative richness and power to move and involve their fans.

If you enjoyed Candy Candy, Sailor Moon, the Zodiac Knight, Oliver and Benji, Doraemon, Akira or many others, you could find pleasure on a date with an escort cosplay.

A date with an escort cosplay

When meeting an escort cosplay, unless you are very sure about it, she could propose various options. Taking into account that the world of Manga awakens passion in Japanese society, perhaps westerners are not sure yet what character to play or what to do.

One of the ways to practice it to dress up as a character with a human, fantasy or animal form; let oneself go by the cross-dressing or, as it could not be absent, the erotic and sexual mood.

When one meets an escort cosplay one has the clear idea of sleeping with her, or not. Here it seems strange but in Japan it’s common to have a date with a prostitute just to satisfy the pure fantasy of turning into a certain character and performing, as if it was a small theatre, forgetting everything else.

If you have the same Japanese style, absolutely enthusiastic about Manga to the point of forgetting about the sex, or if you want to try this fantasy without forgetting about the final objective, don’t miss this part of Japanese culture, as surprising as everything else.


Among the things we can practice with an escort cosplay is the crossplay. This is a mix between cross-dressing and cosplay. This is starting to seem a tongue twister, right?

Here the escort and the client dress up as Manga characters of the opposite sex. Again the male fantasy of dressing up as a female character, and letting oneself go by the fire between the legs, appears.

Once into the fantasy, what does it matter to turn into one character or another? Some of the people that attend Japanese competitions, representing female or male, get to be real idols surrounded by fans and filling up magazine covers, as long as they are dressed up.

Cosplay characters

If one visits Japan, one will definitely observe on the streets girls and boys dressed up as Manga or anime characters. Sometimes they wait at the avenues attracting customers for restaurants whom they refer to as “sir” or “master”. If he really likes one of the waitresses he may request to play a board game with her but nothing more, according to the norms.

On cosplay there are plenty stereotypical characters. There is not much to add as their personalities are well defined in their performances. Yangire, comprises the girls that suddenly turn aggressive due to a trauma of the past which doesn’t have to do with love. In fact, its name is a contraction of “ill girl” and “cutting or slicing”.

Dandere is a character that appears quiet and shy; he finds it hard to express himself in front of others, he can only relax with his friends. His name derives from a mix of “silent and taciturn” and “sweet affection toward others”.

Yankee refers to second class young delinquents. In relation to this character a whole subculture was created. It’s recognized by the altered school uniforms, shaven eyebrows and dangerous behaviour.

Bokukko are the girls that dress up and behave as if they were boys. They have a lot of physical strength and find their counterpart in Bifauxnen. These characters are men but don’t show any feature by which they can be distinguished from a woman.


You can ask an escort cosplay if they have a good Lolita disguise Japanese style. But don’t think the Japanese Lolita movement is something to satisfy men once again. On the contrary, it was born in the seventies as a condemnation of the life programmed for women: a quiet and sweet wife.

Japanese Lolitas mix Victorian dress styles and even Baroque bit with a super sensual touch. Laces, corsets, super miniskirts, tight dresses of just a few centimetres, hats, parasols, high heels and fishnet tights.

Among the Lolitas there are dozens of styles. Gothic, Sailor Loita, Punk Lolita or Eros Lolita. Once they decide for a particular style they tend to be faithful to it and there is rivalry between them.

As you can see the world of Japanese sexual fantasy is still above all other countries. Just on this post we have talked about dozens of characters and styles. But you can always start by calling an escort cosplay and make one of these dirty and perverse fantasies come true.

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