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Escorts: sex teachers
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Escorts: sex teachers

Monday 22 May 2017

Escorts are the goddesses of pleasure many men know. Thanks to them, people can overtake the limits of sex and fulfill their fantasies. They are the perfect companions for the most daring practices. But, they are also the ones who teach how to have sex. They are the ideal teachers, if we want to learn how to satisfy a woman. Today on our beloved blog, we are interviewing some escorts and finding out more about the role of the hottest teachers.

Sexy teacher

Sex is a pleasure as long as we are with someone who knows how to do it. Not feeling horny enough, distracting during sex, or even not reaching orgasm are common nightmares of many women. The problem is that their partner or lover hasn’t taken lessons from an escort.

There’s a solution to any problem. That’s why sex schools emerged some years ago. We mean a real school. Not online courses or Youtube channels. We get up in the morning and go to our sex lesson, then put it into practice during the afternoon.

Rubber vaginas, penises, sex-dolls, dildo vibrators and lubes are the substitutes of the traditional textbooks and world map. Sex lessons help urbanite citizens to come back to their origins and face the stress and the common absurd fears they usually suffer.

Although the lessons are well-meant and we don’t doubt they are effective, they are indeed mere imitations of the unbeatable reality. Here it is where the escorts become important because they are the most proper teachers, if you need to learn without mistakes.

The professionals of sex are also the best option to skip a therapist’s boring talks. Why attending to eternal sessions with a sexologist, when we can confess our issues openly to an escort and get an immediate practical lesson? They can help individuals, but also couples.

Giving pleasure to women

We have talked to some escorts about their less known side which is so important to the world. We asked them whether it’s common that clients ask for advice about sexual practices, or they feel too embarrassed to ask for it. “There are few who ask directly, but all of them actually want to see a woman enjoying. When we are together, they usually ask me if I’m liking what they are doing, or how many orgasms I have reached so far. To them, it’s very important to give pleasure to women”, the Egyptian escort says.

“I have had some clients who asked me how to do a cunnilingus properly, or how to make the penetration more pleasurable for the woman”, the teen university escort says. “It isn’t the most common, but there are still men who want to learn it and the best way for it is to practice with an escort, not a rubber vagina.”

The Russian escort comments that “we, as professionals of sex, know perfectly how to treat a man in bed, but it’s necessary that both members of a couple know what to do with each other’s body to enjoy. I have had clients who openly told me they had a girlfriend who didn’t seem to enjoy, whatever the reason was. So, they came to see me because they were worried about it and I taught them the the technique of anal sex with pleasure for both.”

The X key

Now you are probably curious for knowing some keys to please women in bed. We have asked the escorts about this. Is there any basic rule to do it right without having much practice?

According to the opinion of the Brazilian escort, what matters is the passion of the moment. “To me, the key for good sex is passion. If you do something you like with someone you fancy because of their body or character, I think you’d enjoy it. I always let myself go with the flow and, if any client asks me, I also tell him to go with the flow and forget about everything because we are just the two of us. That usually works!”

To other escorts, the key of it isn’t only our willing, but also some technique and knowledge. The cosplay escort says “sometimes, passion isn’t the only important thing in a sexual encounter, but also knowing where are the points of pleasure in women’s body and knowing how to treat them. The man should know how to caress and kiss you, how to touch your breasts, especially your nipples and how to deal with the clitoris, above all. It’s true that some know all that naturally, but others need a little lesson and it’s right they ask for it. I always give them all the keys, so they can satisfy women they sleep with to the fullest in bed.”

Before sex

Although porn’s aim is to masculinize feminine sexuality, the reality is that women and men work in very different ways. We can’t follow to the T the lessons that pornography tries to teach because they are focused on masculine pleasure, leaving feminine pleasure aside.

If a man wants to give pleasure to a woman and also wants her to behave as if they were in a porn movie, he should seduce her first. That requires making efforts and strategy. When she’s at comfort, confident and seduced, she’s ready. Then, she’ll be ready to many of the practices her partner wants to explore with her.

From the point of view of the escorts, this important nuance isn’t less important because of the fact that they are professionals of sex. According to the Spanish escort, “I get on very well with all of them and I like sharing a drink apart from the bed, especially with some of them. What marks the difference is how they treat me, and the seduction they use on me. Although I’m a professional of sex, they don’t forget that above all I’m a woman who loves that a man shows me his most seductive side.”

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