Are you trying to improve your sexual life in the easiest way or it’s already incredible and you just want more of it? The way in which you feed yourself determinately influences your health. If the saying you are what you eat rings the bell, you know what we are talking about. Take care of the way you feed yourself and you’ll take care of your health, including your sexual life. Remember, daily tobacco and alcohol aren’t the best options. Today on our dear blog, we go healthy and we make the path easier. If you want to improve your sexual desire, here are some keys.


After a study at the University of Hawai, they arrived at the conclusion that women who had been taking ginseng had increased their sexual desire considerably in just a month. Maybe the best way to have it is to make an infusion. Many energy drinks shout their ginseng content but they are also full of sugar and that’0s not sexy at all.

Passion fruits

Only one of the fruits has this name but others are considered friends of the libido. Avocado, banana and figs are fruits known as aphrodisiacs, specially the latest, as a pheromones stimulant. They are also known for having vitamins and minerals which help improve the blood circulation in general and particularly in the genitals.


Chocolate is one of the most acclaimed foods among the world population. Famous for its flavor and perfume, it also has special properties that help improve the mood. When we eat chocolate, our brain liberated phenylethylamine and serotonin.

Garlic, basil and Ginko biloba

We agree that garlic is not the best ingredient for a romantic dinner but it’s true that you should use it often if you want your erection to be fast and powerful. Basil is a magical herb that also helps increase the blood flow and, therefore, the pleasure and durability in bed. Ginko biloba is an extract derived from the three that bears its name. In China it’s well known for improving the mood and the sexual function. Have it in the morning on an empty stomach to be full of energy all day long.


It’s an alkaloid derived from the bark of a tree that grows in Central Africa. Its properties are the same as that of Viagra but taking away the negative or less healthy side of this medicine. It’s recommended as a great ally for erectile dysfunction and also it’s said to burn fat. This product is potent and should not be used freely. If you’re thinking of buying it, first talk to a professional who knows this African secret and who can prescribe you the right dosage.

A glass of wine a day

Wine is known for its properties to improve blood circulation, as a mood relaxer and to ease the atmosphere. One of the immediate effects of wine due to the alcohol it contains is the starting of disinhibition, that’s why, when it comes to a romantic dinner it’s for many people a way of breaking the ice and enjoying a dinner and whatever comes after, forgetting worries or insecurities. You know, a glass, maybe two, as if you drink too much, alcohol will run against you and you’ll have erectile problems.


The libido and sexual power increase thanks to this berry. It’s recommended to take ten blackberries or a tea spoon of seeds a few hours before a date.


Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, which helps the main factor at the time of sex for men, for the blood to circulate strongly through the body and has also been related to the power of increasing the feminine libido. So if you have invited them for dinner, don’t forget to add generously this vegetable to the menu.


In India clove has been related fro centuries with the improvement of the erectile dysfunction. You can add it to your best dishes or use it in an infusion. The point is to get used to clove regularly, miracles don’t exist but little by little you’ll feel the improvement. You can combine this spice with cinnamon and cumin. The three of them are part of the range of foods considered aphrodisiac, they smell really well and also eliminate bad breath, an absolute enemy of a romantic dinner.


A slice of watermelon and your body will behave as if it had taken Viagra. Although 92% of its content is water, the remaining 8% is a combination of vitamins and substances that turn into the necessary amino acids to achieve this effect.


A food rich in proteins, low in calories and which contains the amino acid L-arginina. You don’t need anything else! It improves the resistance, erectile dysfunction and heart disease.


According to some studies, this spice is capable of awakening desire and the sexual relation. You could boil water and add a thread or two and let it cool to drink it afterwards.


Lettuce, specifically, the iceberg type is rich in an opiate substance that awakens sexual hormones.

Self esteem, practicing sport, having a healthy life in general, communication in bed, hours of sleep and the reduction of stress are not foods but are the easiest ways to achieve a better sexual life.

With all these tips, surely you are capable now of making a menu perfect for love. Don’t forget to keep on showing your creativity after filling up the stomach (or during) to be the most wanted lover.