Have you ever wonder, in a deeper sense: what is sex? What do I mean with the term “sex”?

In the common language, the term “sex” is related only to the coitus or copulation. Since these words remit to the insertion of the erect penis in the vagina for sexual pleasure, reproduction or for both reasons. To most of us, with “sex” we make reference only to vaginal penetration, leaving aside other sexual practices between people of the opposite sex or even between homosexual people. This wrong conception about sexuality is due to until now, sex has been focused in the pleasure and the necessities of the male gender almost exclusively.

However, now that we are trying to overcome this ideological and gender barriers, we all can now start to think of “sex” as a unique term that welcomes all kind of practices, from “foreplaying”, the previous phase of penetrative sex, to penetration, whether it is vaginal or anal. Foreplaying is the symbol of a facet that is so common regarding our condition of human beings, it involves a sensitive play that goes beyond the sexual act itself. In addition, they are essential to obtain a greater pleasure in the sexual act, specially regarding feminine pleasure.

The facet we are referring to, and which allow us to differentiate from other animal species is eroticism. As the French philosopher Georges Bataille said, “eroticism is above all an exercise or a try to communicate.” So, the erotic “frantic pace” is in the gestures, the sensual-erotic communication and in the foreplaying to the act itself.

Hereby we will explain you anecdotes and curiosities about foreplaying, and two practices that you can try with your partner or with a stunning escort in Barcelona. ;)

Erogenous areas

It’s well known that the genital excitement is obtained through vasocongestion, so to say, with an accumulation and vasodilatation in that area. This happens because those areas are very sensitive to touch. However, there are other erogenous areas, beyond the genitals, that increase the excitement in an unexpected way. Foreplaying has the great virtue of focusing its attention also on those “extra” areas which aren’t included in the genitals.

In general, human body is highly sensitive to touch, and sexual experiences are very subjective - what some people consider interesting, others consider it atrocious. However, there are some erogenous areas that we all have in common. The most important, and paradoxically the most forgotten, is the brain.

Our brain reacts in a very intense way both if someone caresses us and also if we see someone receiving a caress, because the visual-cognitive stimulation is one of the four elements that play an essential role in sexual excitation. The other three elements are emotional, motivational and psychological, that activate in this order from the visual stimulus. The influence of brain in the sexual excitation is great and many significant studies have proven that empirically. One of them was held in the University of California and was carried out in a group of heterosexual men.

First, they were shown a video in which a woman caresses their leg and another one in which a man has caressed them in the same way. Successively, they monitorized the reaction of their brains, noticing that it was more pleasurable to them when it was a caress of a woman. However, what they didn’t know is that in reality… It was the same woman who touched them and the difference of gender in the video file was actually an audiovisual retouch!

Now, after having set the importance of brain in foreplaying, we will also map other points you can caress, kiss and cuddle to maximize your sexual experience. These are the nape, the sole of the feet, the back of the knee and the earlobe, among others.

Oral sex

Tacitus, a historian in the Roman Empire wrote that Neron, while he was torturing the slave of her wife Octavia so that she confessed the adultery, said: “Octavia’s vagina is cleaner than your mouth.” Because during the Roman era, felation and cunnilingus were shameful practices for the reputation of a person. Luckily, times have changed -more or less-, and we enjoy very openly oral sex.

First of all, no one should be ashamed or live this part of sex as a job or a competition to see who blows/licks it best. You know that the prize is the same to everyone. Oral sex is very important, we could say that it’s the king of foreplaying. Furthermore, we dare to say: it’s the king of sex. The reason is simple; there is not another act which generates more intimacy, complicity and human bonds than oral sex. While penetrative sex can sometimes result in a mechanical act, that’s why in Spanish they define it graphically as “in and out”, oral sex never results monotonous.

Maybe there are some guidelines to do it perfect, like for instance, not using the teeth, little bites, get it wet with saliva and make visual contact, but in few words, you are simply giving yourself into your sexual partner in this foreplay. In addition, there aren’t written rules, a move that you can repeat, a win-win combination. And that’s why it is so special.

Open the back door

There is hope to those who are eager to escape the dictatorship of vaginal sex. In addition, can a foreplay be replaced with a sexual practice independent from the penetrative relation? Yes. Then, you are ready to explore the wonders of the anus. Ancient Greeks and also the vases of Mochicas in Peru can prove that they were real supporters of all what was anal. During that era, these practices, whether they are penetrative or foreplays, weren’t related to the sexual orientation of the person, what defined you was the social status of the person you were going to have sex with and with who you could do all the foreplaying you wanted.

However, there is a physiological reason why men get a great pleasure with anal stimulation since remote times to nowadays. All men have a G spot. This G-spot is a glandule that is placed just under the bladder and behind the anal conduct. This glandule, if correctly stimulated, can give unexpected sensations. Rimming, a practice that is unknown among the most naïve heterosexuals, is extremely pleasurable to male gender.

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