When a man has a friendship with a woman that involves casual intimate encounters and there’s no attachment between them, we can talk about a fuck friend. Men love this kind of relations and many women do too. They enjoy sex together without any obligation of being anything more than intimate friends, there’s no exclusiveness, no suffering, no jealousy. But there’s the risk that one of the two falls in love and spoils it all.

Forbidden to fall in love

Rule number one to have and maintain fuck friends is not falling in love with them and praying for them no to do so either. Above all if it’s a long time friendship, it’s important not to spoil a friend for a night of sex. For a sexual encounter without attachments it’s much better to call an escort.

With an escort everything is perfectly clear. Even if you ask her for a girlfriend experience service and you share a good conversation and intimacies with her as if she was your best friend, you can rest assured, with an escort there won’t be any confusions, everything starts and ends when you wish and the real emotional involvement is discarded right from the start.

A prudential distance

Although in principle a fuck friend keeps her distance and you don’t have to give her any explanations about having something with another girl or if you don’t give a sign of life for a few days, the truth is that, being friends, the fine line that divides friendship from a sporadic sexual encounter often tenses due to the different expectations. You’re fuck friends not a couple but, as soon as the sexual contact becomes more frequent, it’s common for feelings to emerge which complicate things. The feared jealousy.

An escort won’t feel jealous, on the contrary, she’ll be amused including other escorts in the sexual experience and enjoying a trio without taboos. I don’t know if the fuck friend would be happy to find you in bed with an escort and even less so if she’d be up to joining into the party, but it’s all a question of trying.

No dramas

In the fuck friendship having a conversation that involves feelings make one seem dependent and, in most cases, it’s avoided at all costs. But, although not showing emotions is an enviable exercise of self control, at the moment of truth there is always something that unleashes the drama. An I love you escapes and starts to unbalance the relationship of forces. Sentimentality always plays tricks on us and we want to put a label on everything. There is the error, but to err is so human!

No dramas, or dependencies, no self control exercises, escorts are professionals and with them we avoid all possibility of spoiling everything with one phrase. In fact, we can say to them, I love you, I adore you, I’m dying for you, you’re the perfect woman, marry me! And see how they smile amused without flapping an eyelash. If you don’t want to be taken seriously when the archetype of Eros posses you, you’re safe with an escort. She knows perfectly well that the encounter and everything that happens in it is just a game.

Very saucy services

Having a fuck friend and enjoying sex without emotional ties, although it has its kinky side, it’s not the same as been with a sex professional. In general, a fuck friend doesn’t have an endless list of services she has been perfecting. Even if she’s good in bed, she’s not always able to be a dominant mistress, dress in latex and spank you while she performs a titfuck on you. An escort is ready to make your secret fantasies come true, her mission is to please you.

Among the special services you’ll be able to experiment with an escort, and rarely with a fuck friend, are the golden shower, the porn star experience, rimming or anal sex. Another advantage of having sexual encounters with escorts is that you can have casual sex with a redhead tonight, enjoy a mulatto tomorrow and with two blondes at the same time the following week. In short, variety.

Encounters and misencounters

A fuck friend does her thing and doesn’t organize her social life around you. Therefore, it may happen that you have a business trip she can’t accompany you to or you simply feel horny one night in which she’s got other plans. As there is no commitment you can’t ask her to be available when you need her. You are free, and so is she.

With the escorts you’re always covered, there are so many girls, so many options, it’ll be impossible for you not to have company whenever you want it, whether it’s in your room, at a company party, a drinks night or a relaxing weekend. You just need to have a quick look at the wide offer of escorts at a luxury brothel to realize you won’t be alone.

In short, casual sex with a friend is all very well and even though at the beginning it may seem the best idea in the world, if you take into consideration all these factors, you’ll soon discover that with an escort you have a 100% guaranteed satisfaction without the risk of losing a good friend and with the tranquility of knowing it won’t go any further.

Because you’re not with a fuck friend for her to become your girlfriend. What you want is sex without attachments and, when it comes to sex, why be with an amateur when you can be with a professional.