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Monday 10 November 2014

A shocking option we can see in a sexual services list of a bisexual escort, or a luxury whore in Barcelona, or a uni girl escort, is the GFE -girlfriend experience- service. What is more unbelievable, to pay for a black kiss, or to pay for a pretending stunning girlfriend?

Among the many services whores in Barcelona are offering, you can find the suggesting “French tie”, and what is this mysterious concept? It is simply titty sex, or to have a blowjob done while your cock is held between the girl's boobs. A woman has to be a downright whore to perform that thing!

Another outstanding service on a senior escort's website -one of those gorgeous and attractive luxury whores in their thirties, or even forties-, is light SM. This experience is about getting the client done until he says no to more humiliation or hurting. It is quite rare to find light SM in a services list, because this practice demands complicity and trust between the two partners. But, it is OK, whores know perfectly what to do and where to go, to make of that night a great delectable night to remember.

Many escorts advertise watersports service, a practice where the girl pees over the client. Young escorts and senior escorts say this is not a very demanded practice, neither so unusual as many people would think.

The deep black kiss

Black kiss, meaning the sucking, licking and sticking the tongue into the client's or the escort's asshole, is a very pleasurable experience, but not all the services lists have that option. In the whoring business, the ass-linked services, are not so easy to find as it can be a good condomless blowjob. The ass goes up to a different level.

The craziest propositions the whores put up in their lists, are the gangbangs and sexual parties. A mishmash of boobies and asses, all mixed up -a service especially demanded for stag parties-, where the bisexual escorts really have non-stop fun sucking and licking. Clients call for the very young escorts and the senior escorts for these type of events, as well as for the Brazilian escorts and the Russian escorts, quite opposite types of escorts, who blend amazingly well together.

If you don't fuck is because you can't

How about threesomes? Whores offer two ways of carrying them out. The duplex option, in which the client has two whores for him, who do not touch each other; and the Lesbian sex -oh my! That lovely word men dream of all the time, as well as women...-, in which the whores touch, fuck and enjoy each other, like two bunnies, as well as they enjoy sex with the man. So to speak, a nice stew with all the higgledy-piggledy tasty ingredients mixed in it.

Even though, after mentioning all those described wonders figured in the reader's mind, like vagina's fluids and crazy tongues, we must inform that one of the most demanded options in the services lists of the most beautiful luxury whores in Barcelona -these pretty expensive gorgeous feminine girls-, is the GFE, the girlfriend experience.


Certainly, a lot of clients are looking for everything, first the GFE, then fucking like dogs in constant in and out... But a whore is more than a whore for her client, and for most of the clients, it means sex with human warmth, a nice sweet relationship, the illusion of a loving relationship, a link only broken when the agreed time is over.

That is life... The bisexual escort we have talked to about this subject, says it crystal clear: “The girlfriend experience is one of the most demanded services. I have spoken to my colleagues who have been working in Japan, where a romance is a service on sale, they even go beyond the girlfriend experience, and they buy a relationship for an agreed time, shocking, isn't it? I mean, for a special night or similar is OK, but buying a romance for six months or a year..”

Oh yes, whores are much more than whores for their clients, and the guy who is only looking for sex, might be missing the girlfriend experience (GFE), a perfect lifetime experience. What else can a man ask for? Many people may never have the perfect relationship, or may never be able to have as great sex as they have with a whore; the only inconvenient is when getting home, she won't be there waiting for him... But never mind, sleeping on your own is great as well.

We have spoken with a gorgeous and polite whore, a girl of many men's dreams, someone who could really be a lifetime partner, not only for a business exchange short while. She told us why a senior escort like her has so many regular old clients, proving that “the girlfriend experience is what all men are looking for at the end of the day, because even when they only have sex, they usually want me to enjoy as well, they want to be passionately looked in the eye, they want me to take them as if they were mine, it is a true fantasy, since somehow, they want to feel like mine and they want me to feel like theirs”.

The uni girl escort  tells us the GFE is her top service “my clients love buying me presents, taking me overseas, they love when I am sweet with them, when I kiss them, when I look at them as if they were my love, when I suck their cocks with no condom, and when I do things girlfriends do”.

I want you to pretend you are my girlfriend, I want you to fuck me like a whore does, I want you to say goodbye like friends do, and I want to see you when I feel like. No doubt, this is the perfect situation for many gentlemen. Here comes the success of the GFE.

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