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Monday 11 April 2016

Luxury escorts at Perla Negra and lifelong fantasies

Luxury escorts who collaborate at Perla Negra offer a wide variety of possibilities which go beyond vanilla sex, which is commonplace and bored. Tripsolagnia, altocalciphilia, gynonudomania, or psychrophilia are only some of the dirtiest and most perverted fantasies that luxury escorts at Perla Negra are skillful at. Today on our beloved blog, we will run through some of the services that luxury escorts at Perla Negra offer asked by the most daring clients in Barcelona.

Luxury escorts at Perla Negra and a foam bath

Tripsolagnia. Feeling attracted by getting your hair shampooed or massaged by someone else. Hairdressers know what we are talking about. Humans cannot complain; anything is good to make us feel aroused.

Foam and massages are highly exciting for some. The escorts who collaborate at Perla Negra have told us that clients who want to get a head massage with shampoo are more common than what we may think. Think about it for a moment. You are naked in a bathtub from our relaxation area, warmed by candlelight, chill music and a champagne drink. Your favorite luxury escort at Perla Negra gets naked and gets in the bathtub with you, then she starts massaging your head with loads of foam and someway, your mind switches your passion on and you get a hard-on.

Luxury escorts at Perla Negra enjoy this. They love cleaningness, they get aroused when dating a client includes a foam bath with rose water. We agree that clean perfumed bodies aren’t alike to smelly bodies, don’t we?

Tripsolagnia refers to people who get aroused by getting their head shampooed by someone else. Does it happen when one shampoos his own head? That’s awesome; humans cannot complain about our skills. They are amazing.

High heel shoes

Luxury escorts at Perla Negra are also expert in this fantasy. Altocalciphilia refers to getting aroused by high heel shoes. It is a typical porn movie cliché. A big-cocked man and a hot blonde wearing red high heels.

Besides that, high heels make legs look longer, enhance women’ asses and are really elegant. All of those factors contribute high heels to be an undeniable successful element when it comes to date a luxury escort at Perla Negra. High heels and platform shoes are sexually exciting for many men, and luxury escorts at Perla Negra feel way sexier when they wear a pair of them. High heels are one of the most feminine existing accessories, that’s why they are so provocative.

Wearing ballet flats, or red high heels isn’t the same, obviously. Red high heels deserve being showed off while ballet flats are only suitable to take out the trash. Weddings have lost a lot of their charm. Now, it is usual to wear high heels at a wedding and get a pair of ballet flats in your purse to take them off after half an hour. Wearing high heels is harmful, but ballet flats haven’t done nothing in favour of women’ femininity.

At Perla Negra, clients won’t have to worry about that type of shoes which were only nice in the feet of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. Altocalciphilia for everyone with the best luxury escorts at Perla Negra! Escorts seduce, their clients succumb to their charms.

Tearing her clothes off

Undressing a luxury escort at Perla Negra is undeniably exciting, and it gets a really interesting thing to do when we can do it giving free rein to our instincts. We can unbutton her shirt from a strong pull, so that the buttons fly over the whole room. We don’t need to take her stockings off, when we have the possibility to tear them and enjoy her skin touch in the blink of an eye. Now you are feeling aroused by this idea, aren’t you? Luxury escorts at Perla Negra are real expert in this fantasy. One of them has told us about how a client confessed to her her innermost desire: undressing a hottie call girl by tearing her clothes off.

Gynonudomania. ‘Gyno’ means woman in Greek, ‘nudo’ means naked and, ‘mania’ goes for our fanatical interest in it. The Perla Negra’s luxury escort we mentioned in the last paragraph, took good notice of her client’s likings and arranged a special striptease outfit for her date.

Fishnet stockings, low neckline, high heels in the most altocalciphilic way -now that we know that word, we can use it in context-, wearing her hair loose and a little surprise: Velcro. When she came into the room with her client, he looked at her; actually, he scanned her, approached her with a smile on his face and teared her clothes off.

Passion for ice

All of we have enjoyed film scenes where actors and actresses  become extremely aroused and start rubbing an ice cube all over their backs, neckline, nipples and clitoris. However, while we are performing this fantasy, we must be aware that not all the people like to get an ice cube over their back, so they might panic and punch you.

Psycrophilia refers to people who get aroused by playing with ice, whipped cream, fruit, fresh vegetables, cold chocolate syrup, etc. Feeling cold activate our neurons and some people’s sexual excitation.

The idea hot water bath combined with ice cubes and some luxury escorts at Perla Negra is exciting. Luxury escorts at Perla Negra are ready to play with clothes, shampoo, high heels, ice cubes, this fantasy world has no end. We want a new fantasy on a daily basis!

Horny luxury escorts at Perla Negra 

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