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HIV: Are we fearless?
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HIV: Are we fearless?

Tuesday 01 December 2015

Just a few days ago, on 24th November, we commemorated the 25th anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death because of HIV. Today, 1st December, the International Day against HIV, is about remembering that this disease is uncontrollably killing thousands of people all around the world; don’t be ignorant, you don’t need to live in Africa, be gay, or take heroine to become infected. On such a relevant date as today, we are going to talk about a very important matter on our beloved blog: how do escorts deal with HIV? How do escort services clubs in Barcelona fight against infections in paid-sex business? Are we HIV-fearless?

HIV currently: a lot more to do

According to Health Ministry in Spain, there are about 10 new cases of HIV per day, around 3,600 cases were diagnosed. More than half of the cases involve men between 25 and 34 years old having gay sex. And it is kind of logic since anal sex is one of the most risky practices; during it, it is easy to get your ass teared, that is why anal sex is so risky.

Cuban escorts Russian escorts , black whores, or luxury whores in Barcelona are as concerned as Spanish and Catalan escorts. Using a condom is unquestionable in their sexual encounters. Are they HIV-fearless? A teen university escort has told us that it isn’t so; according to her, she is young and has all life ahead and she is not going to be a whore in Barcelona for long, it isn’t worthy to take risks to get her clients satisfied.

No, of course not. Escorts and whores in Barcelona are quite exposed yet, so they won’t perform deep anal sex services without using a condom. Deep throatgolden shower , CIF (cum in face) blowjob , or vaginal sex can be dangerous to practice condomless with an infected person. The most common routes of HIV infection are having sex with an infected person without using a condom, vertically infection mother-kid and sharing syringes or sharp objects which have remainders of infected blood.

Pornstar escorts: condomless sex

Whores in Barcelona still face clients who ask for condomless sex and think that HIV is only a South hemisphere concern. They are wrong. 26% of infections in Spain involve heterosexuals.

One of the hottest fantasies among the clients of escorts and whores is to have a good sex session with a pornstar escort. We have already talked about this subject in a previous post. This fantasy consists of playing the porn actor role, or biggest fucker on Earth and performing all kinds of practices condomless.

So, it seems normal to think that this is a risky job. Sperm and vaginal fluids mix; anal penetrations with teared asses and blood, or sperm splash on the escort’s face are dangerous practices, that is why it is so difficult to get a date with a pornstar escort. Firstly, you have to get a blood test done and other health tests to rule out HIV and other harmful diseases.

They aren’t HIV, but they are also harmful

Some people think HIV is the worst sexual disease to get, and it isn’t so. We should remember that syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV, genital herpes, etc are present in sexual encounters. If you want fucking keep being a pleasure, don’t forget about using a condom

Escorts in Barcelona who come over to Perla Negra  have told us that they often get blood tests done to take care of their health because their job is highly risky, and we shouldn’t assume that clients don’t have any of these diseases.

Taking care of health at Perla Negra

According to a news published by a local radio, a quarter of all HIV infected people don’t know they are, that is why taking care of health at Perla Negra is an essential issue. Not only our escorts often take blood tests, clients are also offered the possibility to take them.

Hygiene is one of the best features at Perla Negra. We have a cleaning team who take care of rooms being spotless every time a client and an escort leave.

The best prevention

Some unconscious people say that the best way to avoid an infection is not practicing sex, or that condoms are not a totally safe weapon against it. However, using condoms is the most immediate way to prevent us from HIV infection.

When you don’t know someone who is good looking and seduce you, you may make important sexual concessions you can regret in the future, that’s why you should always use a condom.

In prostitution world, it seems there is no need to highlight the importance of using condom to have sex; however, we will repeat it once more. Fucking is more pleasurable if you are not concerned about the consequences. Fall into passion, but don’t forget HIV numbers are increasing; according to European data, last year we saw 142,000 new cases. So, don’t look for refuge in warm thoughts as “HIV is only about heroin addicts and gay people”. No. Stopping HIV is a matter of all.

Nowadays, we have no excuses, we know exactly how to get HIV and what are its consequences. HIV infected from wealthy countries won’t experience a long and slow agony, but it doesn’t lighten the burden of this disease. If all of us were careful, we would still have Freddie Mercury among us. God save the Queen.

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