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Monday 15 December 2014

Christmas is coming, and the best thing we can do during this crazy consumerism fever, is to spoil ourselves with a body and mind indulging present, one that will make us smile when the Christmas presents' bills will reach our hands.

Today we get up with breaking news. Those who know better the USA society, could be less shocked that the ones who follow the picture they have in mind about their beloved New York City or L.A. In today's post we will talk about the different global news about the sex world, our top interest subject.

Anal sex and oral sex: Are these practices banned in Virginia (USA)?

The District of Virginia Attorney has applied for a licence to the USA Supreme Court of Justice to classify anal sex  and oral sex  as a criminal offence. So now Virginia has a reason to be called like that! What a boring state...

Perhaps the attorneys and judges will be watching over all the Virginia's bedrooms , cars, barns, lost pathways, meadows, drive-in cinemas, public restrooms, gardens, sofas and attics, in order to guarantee this atrocity law fulfilment...?

It might be the case that a policeman would turn up, while practising a pleasant bareback blowjob , like in the George Michael music video, gaming over the operation.

In the prostitution case, that would be a double crime, yet turning tricks is not allowed, as well as having sex in public places, and the usual practices between a whore  and a client.

The point here is the sexuality division. On one side, there is the sexuality practised by the vast majority of the world's population, you know, the face-to-face job, vaginal sex, monogamist practices, overall in and out, and of course, man-oriented sexual practices; on the other side, there is the different sexuality, the dildos, SM , fantasies, crossdressing , anal sex, oral sex, 69, lesbian  and gay sex, orgies and private parties , titty sex and deepthroat lovers .

Certainly, we think the second option is much better fun, as well as daring and way-out, so here comes the obsession of politicians and fake-gods-on-earth preachers to repress that.

Do not so worry, the more repression, the more reaction.

“Normal” sex: finally, game over

Some psychologists in the States claim that. Praise the Lord!

After many years of attacking all sorts of off-limits sex, finally and apparently, aggressions towards relationships between ladies or between gentlemen, trannies and virginity -as a naturally exclusive women's burden-, have come to an end.

The sexual revolution campaigners, like Oscar Wilde, Margaret Sanger, Victoria Woodhull, Marquis de Sade and Bill Baird, would well up in tears on reading our post if they could.

Controlling other people's sexual practices, is about procreation control, neglecting relentlessly women's pleasure and her power over her own body. Why religions and politicians have always dreamed about repressing people's sexuality? Because sex reveals we are deeply self-sufficient, very powerful, wanted and loved. And this is cool, of course.

Most of the Western countries' people practice sex at a young age, and it takes a short time when they start trying sex toys, swap from genital sex to anal sex and oral sex, and, sooner than later, also hang around swingers clubs to have a taste in further experiences.

If someone cannot be free in bed, where he or she can be, then?

Porn: A way of getting a sexual education?

In spite of what it seems, a porn movie can teach useful and good stuff for those who take part in a sexual rave. While, thus it looks like the opposite -FEMEN fight against pure male-oriented pleasure porn-, somewhat, some psychiatrists get to good conclusions when watching a bunch of porn films.

For example, men can touch their own penis when having sex, and ladies can touch their own vagina as well; sex needs lubrication, and it can be achieved  applying saliva; there are women who want only sex and no romance; both members can cum with the exclusive use of their hands; some women love practising oral sex, and some men love DATY (dinning at the y) ; some women love anal sex, and so do some men; some ladies like using sex toys and dildos and some men like having their balls squeezed when screwing; clitoris is highly important in sexual intercourses, either in vaginal, anal or oral sex; the amount of ejaculated semen has no direct link with the penis size; people fantasize in having sex with different country of origin people; smiling is allowed when having sex; we can say what we like and what we don't like when shagging; some people do remove their hair, and some people don't; cumshots can be performed in the vagina, on the hand, on the breasts, on the tummy, etc; and the most important thing, no matter the nature of your sexual fantasy, you are not the only one who has it.

Squirting or female ejaculation

There is an issue we have not discussed about before, because it hardly ever happens in a porn movie. It is the squirting or female ejaculation; this is like the witches awareness, everybody knows it exists, but only a few people have seen it. If you get your female bed partner to squirt, you will be the best or one of the best lovers in her lifetime memories, and she will thank you forever.

This is the Hot World News for today. Spend your time breaking free in sexual matters, and add experiences in romantic couple mode on or calling an escort, just do everything you have in mind, because Europe is far away from this repressive Virginia State (USA), because “normal” sex is old-fashioned and boring after a while, and because porn is quite interesting to watch for learning and put on practise in our own lives.

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