Many times you go to a luxury escort for infinite reasons, that you do not need to comment or justify, you only do it because it is an activity that the body asks of you and you love it, just like a companion can amaze you.

If it is true that you have to take into account, that not everything is the same as the movie of Pretty Woman, nor are we all Richard Gere, but if you are assiduous to meet a girl in luxury hotels like the Perla Negra BCN, you can be a good customer, but ... How?

Here are some tips on how to be, so if you are interested, pay close attention.

The tricks

They are some tricks, but it is not the perfect formula, because as is well known, everyone can not like you, but knowing some tricks so that your favorite escort is kinder and your being a good client, never hurts :

  • Find out about the luxury escort you're used to. This does not allow you to see that you create an obsession with it, but that nowadays, there are many types of channels to obtain information, and especially in this sector.
  • Be punctual to your appointment. It is obvious that you can not always be punctual like a clock, but if you plan to be late, it is better to warn, so the escort will be attentive and not pending if you arrive or if you are wasting your time.
  • If you find information about the companion, it will be better to know what type of services it offers, so you can reach a fairer agreement, and above all, you can enjoy sex beforehand.
  • Do not argue with the girl, because with her it is with whom you will end up losing, that is, you will not get anywhere. It is better to reach an agreement before, and above all, pay before the service, and ... Stretch a little and give a tip!
  • We all like to be spoken to, and be kind. With it you can be too.
  • Do not feel pressured to meet her sexual expectations. Alomejor she does not give importance, so you either, it is your job, but if you must treat it well.
  • Education has to be ahead of everything, and that is why you do not disrespect or offended with coarse and rude words that will never come to mind.
  • Keep your hygiene untouched and look for a place where there is an area for your toilet in the case of having sex.
  • Sometimes he can pay homage to you, and go to dinner with her and after a good evening of sex and passion, it will cost you dearly.

In short, some of the reasons are very logical, but sometimes we find it hard to start them, so we have to make an effort to do so and enjoy it.