With the cold they want to do many things, and other things not so much, just as in summer they seem like more than others. Usually they are usually opposite, but not as a rule. In summer when you practice sex it is always hotter and sweatier, as the season of the year accompanies. But in winter ... in winter things change.

Practicing sex always goes well, but there are times of the year that you want more, and you have your sexuality through the clouds, and this happens with the arrival of cold.

When it starts to cool, many things seem to be happening, but practicing sex is perhaps the most important thing. Then you will see how to enjoy sex when it is cold, and especially with a luxury escort.

Tips and tricks to enjoy sex in winter

  • There can be many tricks to fight the cold is clear, and at the time of fucking too. That is why you will see some tips below:
  • With winter you feel like fucking more.
  • You can have sex with socks.
  • There are certain dates (Christmas) that are accompanied by desire to have sex.
  • You can take more time to play and experience
  • Use the hot water to have an erotic shower.
  • Ambienta and give a spicy touch, in the preliminaries, with a good erotic massage or practice the petting to get in tune.

But ... What are the postures that most seem with the cold?

The postures

It has already been commented, that there are some postures that you want more than others in summer or winter, and in the second case, you want these:

The spoon

It is a very romantic but at the same time perfect for those winter afternoon. With a luxury escort you can enjoy this position, that does have to be an expert in GFE.

The spoon is practiced with both recumbent, where the woman has to turn her back on the man and the vaginal penetration is very pleasant and exciting.

The visitor

In this position what should start standing, both parties. The stimulation is on the part of the male, touching and caressing the woman, on the nipples, the skin and ending the masturbation of the clitoris with the penis.

While this happens, the woman must rise, at least one leg, to penetration occurs.

The strudel

This consists of the woman lying on top of the man with her legs spread so that penetration is much easier.

The action begins when the stimulation occurs with the rubbing of the body laterally between the bodies.


It is a more intimate position, and above all very sexy, and perfect to enjoy with girls in our luxury hotel.

This occasion should support your back on the bed and allow the man to lie on top of it. Afterwards, she will surround the body of the other with her legs and facilitate penetration. Give free rein to your imagination and kiss, stimulate and play while you fuck.