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The Ideal Client to escorts

Wednesday 08 March 2017

Types of clients: From “the perfect guy” to the “pussy worshipper”

Talking to some escorts, we have come up with an interesting subject. How many types of clients are out there? A Russian escort tells us that even though the clients come from very different backgrounds, at the end of the day all of them can be classified in only a few stereotypes.

Her colleague, a Colombian escort, says some of them are sometimes out of the ordinary; for instance, there was a guy who was known to lift girls up to his shoulders to lick her pussies, or a university boy who paid an eight-hour service only to lick their feet, hands and butt cheeks.

So, considering the experiences of the escorts who collaborate with Perla Negra Barcelona, we have defined the following categories:

1) The client who looks for new girls

In the first place, the escorts have agreed there is the client who is always looking for “new” girls. This type of client is a regular of brothels and nightclubs, places where new girls at that area or a brothel start working. Some girls say these are “soulless clients”, because the reason to look for fresh meat is basically to use and abuse them, since girls have no experience and don't know what is allowed or banned in the sex for money business. They take advantage of the girls' newness to perform wrong practices, or practices that would be more expensive if performed by an expert escort.

They are called “soulless clients” because, they look like predators chasing girls to take advantage of, instead of gentlemen. They are apparently charming guys, but under that innocent appearance, it hides a deep misogynist feeling. They try to get more for less money and they don't tip the girls after the service. Very young escorts, 18 years-old escorts and teen university escorts usually fall into the trap as they start working in this business.

2) The clients who have just broken a relationship

The Brazilian escort also mentions another type of client, the one who has divorced or has broken up with the girl he has been with for the last years. They are usually in their thirties and, by far, they are a lot sweeter and more respectful.

They hang around in clubs looking for whores only to fulfill their sexual needs because they stopped going out at night long ago. In the escorts' point of view, these are very attractive guys, but for some strange reason, these men don't interact with girls in bars or any other crowded place. To these gentlemen, it's essential to please ladies by making them enjoy sex, and they never act in a selfish way. They fall in love with prostitutes very quickly, it is the only handicap we can see in them; for sure, these guys are looking for love in the wrong place.

3) The perfect (married man)

The perfect -married- man. This is a very popular type of escorts' client. A lovely married guy. The Venezuelan escort says she hates the idea of him being such a great client, but a complete liar who constantly cheats on his wife; they apparently look perfect, nice, big-hearted, polite, but they are actually incurable liars.

4) The one who likes rude manners

The client who has insecurities. This kind of client, in the Ukrainian escort's words, wants the escort to act like a vulgar and rude whore. These clients get sexually excited when they abuse a prostitute, they feel good as they shout at her, insult her and even hit her and certainly harm her physically and psychologically.

This is the most hated client type by the girls, these men are perceived as monsters full of insecurities and inner deformities who need to use and abuse prostitutes. They usually fancy girls who have plastic surgery, with silicone-filled boobs and lips jobs.

5) The boobs and booty client

The escorts also talk about another type of client called “the boobs and booty”. They divide this category in two groups, the men who look for enhanced boobs, and the ones who look for natural boobs, but both look for large breasts. Most of them want the super size boobs to practice a titfuck -it consists of massaging the guy's cock with the breasts-, to lick their nipples for hours, to get their faces into their boobs, or in particular occasions, to fulfill the fantasy about breast feeding. There is also a minor group of men who adore women's buttocks, the escorts are referring to both, the shape of it and the asshole. Some clients can spend hours licking women's asshole, not for anal sex, but for plain pleasure.

6) Fetishists

Fetishist clients are also a very well known type amongst the independent escorts or the agency escorts. This group of clients includes all those who feel aroused by feminine feet or by a woman dominating them.

The Spanish escort explains how she got shocked the first time a man asked her to punish him; of course, being new in the business, she didn't understand how someone can get pleasure through pain. Now, her point of view is different, and she explain us that we have been programmed to understand sex in a particular way, but sexual likings are as wide as anything else.

7) The pussy worshipper

The pussy worshipper. It sounds a bit weird, but this is the best way to describe this type of client, according to the escorts. This type of client loves eating vaginas for his own pleasure, not for the prostitute's. The divorced guy we were talking about before practices oral sex in order to please both, himself and the woman; however, since the pussy worshipper does it for his own pleasure, the woman doesn't always get pleasure from that practice, it has to be a proper DATY so the woman finds it pleasurable. The pussy worshipper wants to “eat” it up, and doesn't care about the woman's hygiene, or doesn't wonder if the woman has already reached orgasm.

8) The ideal client

The ideal client. The escorts would rather work as fast as possible in a pleasant way. Sometimes, they enjoy the experience with the client, but this is usually like that; the escorts reckon hookers on the streets never enjoy their job.

The Egyptian escort explains how the ideal client used to behave with her: we have a strictly business relationship, he visits me every week, we practice easy and predictable sex with a nice seductive and intimate foreplay. He isn't demanding but very respectful, he doesn't fantasize about a love relationship, and never makes me waste my time; the best part of it is the tip he always gives me. He compared me with a goddess and never asked me personal questions. That's the ideal client.

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