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Tuesday 19 August 2014
Interview: “Roles either in life or sex are a cutting-off way of human creativity. We all carry a whore inside us”.

You advertise yourself as an escort, what is the difference between you and a whore?

In my opinion, an escort is a very pretty good-looking girl, who earns her living in something else beyond sex for money with gentlemen. A luxury escort, like myself, offers more services than the usual plain sex with the client. For instance, I can spend a whole weekend with the client, I can be his travel companion, and I can be his “girlfriend” in social meetings as well, I have an adequate education and know how skills. A whore apparently is only a sex for money worker.

What is the difference between an independent escort and an agency girl?

An independent escort is a freelance girl, she works on her own with no associates, advertising herself on the Internet waiting to be contacted directly by the clients; an agency girl is an escort who advertises herself working in partnership with a brand, 
an agency or a brothel .

Have you ever worked in the porn industry?

Yes, indeed. Here comes my name as porn star escort. I started working as a porn actress in my country earning lots of money, but I really worked a lot and I wanted a quieter life for me.

It is the life of an escort a quieter life than a porn star's?

It is hard to believe, but yes, it is. I am an independent escort so I decide when and with whom I do work. You decide your own lifestyle rhythm, but somehow I found more privacy in the escort job than in the porn star's. I prefer it, it is less in the public eye (laughter).

Do you say it because you feel ashamed of something?

No, I do not feel ashamed of anything. I have been a porn actress and now I am a porn star escort, I accept that. Sex has been my life, I benefit from my body and I earn as much money as I can, so in a future I can work in something else. This job has a deadline. You become a senior escort when you reach your thirties, then you grow older and you are out.

Is it like being an elite sportsman or a top model?

Yes, it is. When you get to a certain age nobody wants you, and you must give way to the younger, who work their heads off, and so on.

Why people prefer young escorts or 18-year-old escorts?

Young escorts are fresh meat (laughter), amateur girls, so guys can carry out wrong practices in the business, and most of the girls are very pretty.

What does a senior escort can offer?

In my opinion, a senior escort can offer much more. In a luxury suite she meets face to face with the client, usually a forty-something or more guy. They are two adults, the escort knows her job, she performs it with natural flow, thinking always about the gentleman's enjoyment. She is an expert, she has been with hundreds of men, let's say a senior escort knows what it is expected from her and she always gives the top satisfaction to the client. Besides, if she is asked to be a client's event companion, she is a better option than a too much attention-attracting 18 year-old girl accompanying a fifty-something man.

What is your most demanded service?

The bareback blowjob is one of the most famous services. I personally like performing it, I believe I am an experienced blowjobber and my clients ask for it a lot. I do boobjobs because of my massive tits, I hold my client's penis with my boobs and massage it until he gets really horny; I also perform titty blowjob, holding the penis with my boobies blowjobbing it at the same time, this drives them crazy; it looks like they only want titty jobs in their lives (laughter).

What is your favorite practice?

I love pegging! I have done it with another escort so my client can watch me, and I have done it to him as well. Some men lift up sex boundaries asking for pleasing and liberating things for them. I fasten a belt with a dildo attached in it and I fuck another escort or the client in the ass. It is not very usual, but I love it when guys change their roles and enjoy when a lady fucks them either slowly or hard in the ass.

It looks more like a gay practice.

Yes, it does. Yet men have their climax G spots in their rectum, and that is a fact, even though some guys do not want to admit it. I have some regular clients who really enjoy my pegging.

Can you explain a booking like this?

We can begin with a sixty-nine posture so both get really horny, afterwards I blowjob him lustily so he can get more sexually aroused, I fasten my belt and he starts sucking the dildo; when he is getting there, I ask him to lie down and I lubricate his anus, so he would not feel pain but pleasure. He previously has chosen the dildo's size: I have two, a regular and a large size. Sometimes we play with both, and sometimes the client chooses the larger one. I start introducing the dildo very slowly, depending on his dilation, and I begin to move it listening to his indications. I love watching a guy so sexually committed to the girl. So we keep going until he starts cumming like a well.

Is it a roles exchange?

Actually, roles are religious and cultural impositions; a woman must behave this way, a man has to behave that way... Roles either in life or sex are a cutting-off way of human creativity. We all carry a whore inside us.

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