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Invite your couple to hook up with you
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Invite your couple to hook up with you

Friday 31 July 2015

Invite your couple to hook up with you

GFE (girlfriend experience) or acting like a girlfriend, private parties, happy ending tantric and erotic massages, light BDSM and services for couples are some of the practices performed by escorts which are not directly related to traditional sex with a prostitute. Escort services are getting more complete and wider to satisfy all tastes and curiosities. 

Video games recreate sexual experiences

Video games successfully recreate reality; we can notice it because of their fame and the huge amounts of money they move. Adult and children video games are one of the most demanded ways to spend an evening alone or with friends at home. They have progressed so much that it is believed in the future they will be able to satisfy our sexual necessities by creating a reality with surround sound, gloves which will allow us to touch the perfect man or woman’s hologram, and devices which can make users reach climax.

Romance on sale

We have heard that romances are on sale in Japan. So, those people who don’t like cumming with video games and don’t feel like seducing their soul mate can go to a romance agency and buy one. They even can agree the duration and the ending of the affair. There are romances for a month, two years, one year, etc. Escorts play an important part in this love story recreation, which we think it’s more exciting than video games.

GFE: girlfriend experience

It is very possible that you have already read the acronym GFE or the term girlfriend experience among the escort services. That means that escorts play the real girlfriend role, but saves the client all the effort of seduction. There are men who don’t find someone special, but they would like to have an evening full of cuddling and kissing, as if they were in love. Other men need a girlfriend to attend a party, that’s a perfect moment to hire the services of an escort who performs GFE.

When it comes to sex, GFE escorts caress and cuddle the client with passion and desire. In addition, depending on the professional escort, they can agree sexual services to practice such as a bareback blowjob or deep French kissing.

Sometimes, the client books an escort for all night long and they play like lovers on the bed, or they watch a movie on the couch. They cuddle until the moment of sex comes, after the warm-up. Exactly like a normal couple.

Occasionally, the client needs to introduce a girlfriend to his family and friends. Calling an expert GFE escort is a good solution to the issue, even more if the client wants to impress his friends so they are jealous of the amazing girl who holds hands with him.

Services for couples

There is no reason why a date with a whore or an escort has to be always the same. Imagine your sexual life inside your couple is a mess. You probably feel emotional bonds for your partner, but the relationship is sexually over. Stop hooking up alone and inviting your couple to enjoy at a brothel with you can solve that issue.

If you think we are joking, you should know that escorts are commonly requested to perform services for couples, not only to perform services for men with sexual needs who don’t think about their wives’ needs.

The escort can play an important role in the sexual life of a couple who isn’t willing to fuck, but they have bored, desperate sex. An escort can act as an observer when the couple practices sex. This is just like exhibitionists, although there are people who don’t know they are one of them until there’s a third person in the room and they get wildly excited.

This escort also can fuck with one of the partners of the couple while the other one watches. Voyeurs are people who enjoy seeing other people intimating, or having sex.

The escort can be the key part of a ménage à trois, also known as trio. She can be the guest star and intensify the couple’s fantasies by helping them to go beyond their taboos, their puritan sexual habits.

In addition, the escort would probably have all kinds of sex toys, and maybe costumes to make the fantasy more real; she is an expert in performing all practices when it comes to sex.

Escorts play a lot of roles, not only they are the object of desire of punters, they can be much more than that. We only need to open our mind and legs and listen to the proposals of experienced escorts.

You can go with an escort to a swingers club, where partners are exchanged and sex freely practiced. Men can’t enter swingers clubs alone; women can, but men should be always accompanied by a lady. If you are curious about this, but you don’t have anybody to accompany you, you can choose a beautiful escort to spend a sexual evening and being a swinger for one night. Life is short. 

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