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Kamasutra: a thousand ways to reach orgasm
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Kamasutra: a thousand ways to reach orgasm

Thursday 06 July 2017

One has to talk about the Kama Sutra on a sex blog, impossible not to do so! Contrary to western cultures, India has used it freely. A natural approach above all even back in the III century before Christ. Love and passion are sacred feelings for Hindus and they show it writing a complete philosophical treaty about the relationships between women and men, marriage and intimacy.

Kama Sutra is the book about sex, love and partnership. Leaving aside the awful "until death do you part", the Hindu idiosyncrasy is guided by human feelings. It recognizes them and places them in the right place. Contrary to other countries' cultures that imbue pleasure as something inappropriate, obscure and undesirable, they have been able to relieve the world of the phantom of sin and other sexual myths.

Kama, the love deity

Kama is the Hindu love deity and governs in all the stages of people: infant, adult and elderly. Given its dominance on our lives, it seem self evident making a work that will be left for posterity.

Story goes that a celibate monk called Vatsyayana wrote for men and women to know how to give each other mental and physical pleasure. Its different chapters are about social concepts, the wives, the relationship with her, other's wives, prostitutes, etc.

As well as categorizing the physics and match them with the most recommendable companions, Vatsyayana, as we know, describes an endless list of postures to unite physically and psychologically. Far from remaining within the monogamy of matrimony, the monk tried openly the subject of the courtesan. Prostitutes are a central theme in the book and plenty postures three is not too many.

An aerobic session

The hundred of postures in the Kama Sutra could end up in the Olympics. You have to be strong and powerful to practice some of them one after the other and reach orgasm. However, the celibate monk thought of everything and when he couldn't think of anything more complex, he started to describe more realistic postures, as not all couples are in a spectacular physical form.

Although all of them search for an amazing climax both for men and women, in fact if the posture in question is very uncomfortable, it's likely we reach laughter before orgasm.

Other postures are special for pregnant women, to guess if he has a large penis or a miniature (in case our sight betrays us), the best for oral sex or swinging while enjoying. To this famous celibate monk nothing was left to the imagination!

Our suggestions

If you want to go beyond the typical missionary or the boring vanilla sex, it's time to have a look at the great work about sex. We talked previously about the trio, one of the postures the Kama Sutra depicts. However, anticipating that our readers may get lost among the endless postures, we'll select some of them. You don't have to be an athlete but you do have to be eager to give pleasure.

- A movie-like fuck: We have seen it in endless movies. This posture is one of the most cinematic but let's not forget that it allows for a deep penetration and total visual contact. If you want to offer a strong experience to your partner, taking her in this way can make you reach a high voltage orgasm. To minimize the effort, you can place it on a table or against the wall. Breath in and distribute your strength throughout the action.

- With your legs up: The woman lies down and her companion lifts her hips; he holds her legs, wide open and flexed, while penetrating her. In this posture, she has a magnificent view of her lover and can relax and enjoy to the maximum. The man can show of his whole body as he's totally exposed before his lover.

- I surprise you from behind: This posture is a bit difficult to explain with words but you'll certainly want to practice it this very night. For those couples who enjoy the woman's vulnerability, it can be a highly exciting experience. While the man is laying down, she gets on her knees on top of his hips and giving her back to him. She places her insteps on his chest and he grabs her elbows. When penetrating, he has all the control over the position. If he wishes to show devotion and submission, she can place the insteps on his forehead. If this sounds very good but it's too hard and complicated, you can do a hard core missionary and that's it.

- The bridge: If you have ever practiced an extremely uncomfortable sexual posture, it'll be nothing compared with "the bridge". For this posture, one has to have good physical form, be as flexible as an elastic and bear the pull until she can reach orgasm in such a strange position. The man must do the bridge and she gets on top and introduces his penis onto herself. While she bounces, the woman must try not to abuse her partners strength. The man is totally at the woman's disposal and even though a deep penetration is achieved, there is no visual contact, which might be a good thing due to the efforts required.

- The lotus flower: If the practice of the Kama Sutra seems too complicated, we propose you one last posture in which both will enjoy without thinking or sweating too much; which is very good taking into account the heat of the summer. She lays down, flexes her knees and opens her legs. He lays on top of her and, simply, without any acrobatics, penetrates her. There is visual contact, deep penetration, more energy and hence durability. Although people want to practice new things and it's always good to open mind and legs, men's or women's, the truth is that it's better to concentrate in pleasure than to fall to the ground or get a backache.

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