Fucking in different positions is essential to avoid falling into routine of sex, either with your partner or, if you do not have any, witha company girlor a fuck friend.

Always doman-on-top position is very boring, almost as much as that couple that is always passive and never moves in bed. Or maybe you're not very good in bed and it's difficult for you to move with skill in sex

Do not worry about that, because Kamasutra is going to help you as much as possible so that you are true gods having sex between the sheets.

Here are some tips on how to make certain positions to succeed in sex when you look for a good time.

The postures

As has already been said,to vary sexual postures to have a great time is not the same that always practicing the same position and having a coitus that lasts very little.

The Waterfall

This is one of the most exciting positions for both parties to enjoy at the same time. In this position, the man has to be placed on his back and the girl to sit, on his back and on the penis. Then she should support herself with her elbows, with her legs bent and with her feet on her knees.

With help, slow movements and caresses are given at the time of the sexual act.

The Spider

This position requires a little effort, but it is very exciting and stimulating. To do it, both parties have to sit one in front of the other. The two intertwine their legs and use their arms to carry out the penetration.

The Throne

This position is very simple but very pleasant for her. This time the man is seated and she is placed with her back to himand... wll, they give free rein to sex.

Lotus flower

Imagine a man sitting cross-legged and a woman sitting on him while wrapping her couple with her legs and arms.

Apart from these there is a compendium of 69 positions to get carried away and flip in your sexual relationships.