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Luxury whores and regular clients: that elegant-sluttish status which men love
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Luxury whores and regular clients: that elegant-sluttish status which men love

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Luxury whores and regular clients: that elegant-sluttish status which men love

Regular clients are a gold mine for any company. Marketing is focused on how to make clients repeat over again. Escort agencies in Barcelona aren’t different from other companies. Mature escorts, Spanish escorts, Russian escorts and teen escorts look for the same thing: a group of loyal clients to share several passion nights with. Today on our beloved blog, we are going to get deep in this particular aspect of the job of escorts or whores in Barcelona.

Russian escorts, Catalan escorts, beautiful black whores, or luxury whores are willing to get regular clients to hold more comfortable encounters, but not all the regular clients are desired by them. Although sex industry is based on money, getting on well with your clients plays a very important role.

Most clients usually call the escort they have spent a night with, except for those globetrotter men who travel around different places everyday. According to a Russian escort we have talked to, the usual thing is to meet your regular clients every weekend, or around twice a month.

Consequently, regular clients are more usual than what we suppose. Client-escort relationships in Barcelona aren’t as sporadic and impersonal as the stereotypes suggest, on the contrary, they are frequent.

We have talked to a beautiful black whore who has told us that she’d rather be with regular clients to plan her agenda. The duties of her job may include travelling and staying abroad: regular clients ease encounters and planification. Although we think that escorts’ world is only about sex and pleasure, they have full agendas and would need an assistant to help them manage their dates.

Luxury, fantasies and the magic of seduction

Luxury, fantasies, magic; that’s beautiful, but having it requires much money. A trait of regular clients is that they are more generous than occasional clients because they have personal bonds with their escorts or luxury whores and they also want to impress them with gifts and presents.

The teen escort we have talked to has told us that regular clients treat her better than the rest of clients. Many times they want to go out clubbing, dancing, and drinking. For her, those are funny nights, so she is looking forward to getting a call from a regular client to spend a nice weekend. She has a friendship based on sex and having fun with some of her regular clients. “They are special clients, we often meet, so I know how to please them better date after date. It would be hard for me to perform deep throat or golden shower on an occasional client; however, those services aren’t hard for me with regular clients, I feel way more comfortable.”

Regular clients are a very important figure for luxury whores. Luxury must be paid; any stingy thing may ruin the fantasy between the luxury escort and her client. Regular clients are a warranty to keep their elegant-sluttish status which men love.

Regular clients as a preference

Escorts and whores in Barcelona know that regular clients are a priority for any company. Meeting regular clients is pleasant; they know each other and know what they like in bed. Meeting occasional or new clients isn’t so pleasant because they don’t know them or what they like. Sexual intimacy doesn’t need to be like a porn movie, feelings and trust are highly valued by the men who look for affection between the legs of a woman.

According to some mature escorts in Barcelona, clients also look for conversation, which is more natural in a warm atmosphere and accompanied by an escort or whore who is their friend.

Nowadays, one of the starred services is GFE (girlfriend experience), where it is pretended to have a romantic affair between an escort or whore and a client. Obviously, that fantasy will work better when a client, who has decided to spend some hours of his time, and a Spanish escort, for instance.

Dirty perverted fantasies

Luxury escorts in Barcelona are an expensive bite because they are so appetizing. Can money buy any kind of services with luxury escorts, mature escorts or teen escorts? It doesn’t seem so. Some clients daydream about performing deep anal sex with an escort who doesn’t have this service among her catalogue. What a let-down!

Deep throatgolden shower; as many fetishes as punters in the world, but not all escorts and whores accept any petition. Again, the figure of the regular client comes to our mind. Trusting each other will ease risky fantasious practices, and even those which that escort refuse performing on the rest of her clients.

We have talked to a beautiful black whore in Barcelona who has confessed us that she doesn’t explain all the services she is able to provide because she doesn’t feel like offering them to everyone. For example, blowjob, black kiss or light BDSM submissive are practices she’d like to practice with one of her trusty clients.

Health and hygiene are essential at Perla Negra; we know well that fucking unprotected endlessly is risky, so you’d better keep your mind clear and don’t let any strange fuck you unprotected.

It looks like the right option to enjoy the best sex with a professional is to meet her more than once and be open-minded. 

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