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The madame and the pimp, the prostitution industry stereotypic characters
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The madame and the pimp, the prostitution industry stereotypic characters

Monday 22 December 2014

There are characters and stereotypic characters in the prostitution industry, who go attached to the call girls' shadow like the hanger-ons to the lion's hair. In today's post, we will find out the typical prostitution gear work we can see in any ladies' house, escorts' house, call girls' flat, you name it,  a piece of heaven on earth, for many guys.

The Madame

The Madame, a lady who was was previously working as a whore , and once she got old has had decided to run the business on her own, not depending on pimps any more. In other words, a flesh trader.

We usually use the word “madam” in English, when we address to a lady, but we also use the word “madame” when we talk about a lady who sells call girls ' services. Let's not mix up the terms, it can end up in bad news for us.

In Spain, the French term has become Spanish and its version is “madama”, but it doesn't really matter, because it means exactly the same, it is used for the same purpose. Yet in Spain the “Celestina” term is also used, this character -from a 15th century novel, written by Fernando de Rojas- is an old lady who sells sex to men with the young ladies and also these ones virginities. Let's trade everything we can!

The madame is a tradition in human history. She is the timeless type who supplies the sexual services between prostitutes  and clients, she sells virginities, and runs a house where young and less young whores live, who pay a rent for a room  and for food.

When clients get to a whorehouse , they usually are welcomed by a madame, who introduces the prostitutes to them, and makes the deals, collecting the money in advance. After the deal is agreed, the client can go to the room and make that contract come true, and once it has finished, he can beat it quickly, or he'll be charged again.

A very special whore: Belle de jour

A very typical madame is one of the characters in Belle de jour (1967), a Luis Buñuel film, in which the beautiful Catherine Deneuve's character, fed up of her dull life and her own frigidity, decides to go to a brothel , a Parisian whores' flat , to experience new sensations.

The pimp

It is considered a pejorative denomination for the man who carries out more or less the same job a madame does, but it is a darker occupation than the plump lady in her feathered dressing gown's, welcoming blokes in her own house.

The pimp, is the man who -for good or for bad-, watches out and controls the whores' activities, through coercion methods, violence or threatening, or maybe the three at the same time, taking a part of the girls' earnings, in exchange of -as he says- protection.

Behind these two characters, let's see some more in the prostitution business, i.e. the girls themselves. What do their names harbour?

Agency escorts

Agency escorts  usually work specifically with one agency, that undertakes the advertisement of their profiles, publishing them in the mass media, like newspapers, magazines, specific websites, as well as the girls' photobooks and videos' editing and uploading, etc.

These escorts sell their services through the company.

Independent or freelance escorts 

These are prostitutes who work for free, advertising themselves to get their clients, in the appropriate places with their private phone number. It is an increasing method after the Internet and the social networks spreading.

Adaptable or flexible escorts 

Among the variety of clients' types there are in the whoring industry, one can find the type who does not know how long will he need from the escort's services. Usually a booking lasts one night, but there are clients who require an escort's services for a weekend or a trip. There are girls who have a fully booked schedule, making this service demand a tough one to fulfil, because of the time requirement. There it comes the adaptable or flexible escort, solving the problem and working excellently.

It also refers to the escorts who are able to carry out specific postures that need an important amount of flexibility. It is up to the client to find out the true meaning.

Senior escorts 

These are the forty years-old and upwards escorts. The senior escorts' services are one of the most demanded, because of their experience and alluring attraction. Lots of clients start their relationship with prostitutes at a very young age, and they rather a senior escort's sexual services, than a younger escort's ones.

The strongest aspect of these prostitutes, apart from their large experience in bed, is the psychological skills they have developed after years of listening and supporting lonely men.

If a client requires from a call girl for an event, for instance, or a wedding, or a party, and does not want to stand out over the rest, it is better to call for a senior escort's services and enjoy a girlfriend experience.

Escorts for ladies

Those are these men who make come true the fantasies of lots of ladies, who rather paying for the services of an escort for ladies, instead of going out clubbing with the hope and pray to meet someone fairly nice.

He is a sex worker in a roll. In the old days, ladies were economically dependant, and their sexuality was as hidden as a ghost in a haunted house; nowadays, those women who have a full bank account, pay for the services of an escort for ladies and forget about anything else. They buy sex as any other man does in a brothel. But still the figures are quite low comparing them with more than half of the men who have paid for a whore's services; this transaction is only made by a five per cent of the female population.

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