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Mature escorts: 42, this age means the fullness of women's beauty
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Mature escorts: 42, this age means the fullness of women's beauty

Tuesday 13 October 2015

In The Graduate, the film, we saw a very young Dustin Hoffman who flirted with a mature MILF who gave her name to the song Mrs. Robynson. This woman was 42 years old and the attractiveness of the movie was in an intimate relationship between a boy and an older woman. Nowadays, on the contrary to what teen university escort clients may think, mature escorts in Barcelona are trendy because women don’t become old at their thirties, or even their forties. There are many people who opine that 42 years old means the fullness of women’s beauty. Justice has been served!

Some sociologists say that due to the circumstances we are living in, things are getting slower, but don’t worry because ages also have slow down, so being 50 now is equal to be 40 before, 40 is equal to 30, 30 to 20; this repeats subsequently until we reach zero, which is equal to a past life.

What a silly nonsense. Women always want to be 18 years old, but they have to hide their age soon after that because advertising label them as old women. It is the devil! It is over.

Age goes in favour

Mature escorts get that name at an early age which is about 30 or even before, but this doesn’t go against them, but in favour. Luxury whores in Barcelona aren’t only 18 years old. Sculptural black escorts are over their thirties and their skin keeps silky, their bodies toned, and their phones keep ringing.

Escort agencies from Barcelona know it right. Before, luxury escorts had to be under their thirties, but thankfully it is different nowadays. There are clients who look for mature Russian escorts or Cuban escorts who are able to provide sex and good conversation as well.

Teen university escorts offer funny capricious crazy freshness. Sleeping with teen escorts makes men feel horny due to the age gap between clients and whores. On the other hand, there are men prefer to date mature escorts regardless of clients’ age. Among other reasons, they highlight they feel better accompanied by an escort who is up to the task or the conversation. They don’t only offer sex, but also much more; speaking of sex, mature escorts are the best positioned to know much more about tricks for men than teen university escorts.

Porn movies usually show young actors. However, the best sex, the best deep throat, or the most exciting golden shower don’t need to be performed by a teen university escort to enjoy them to the fullest.

According to this age slowness theory, although our ID card reveals our true age, the truth is that socially we are seen as if we were ten years younger. Not everybody, but most of us. That is why it is said that 42 years old means the fullness of women’s beauty.

Why 42?

Because at this age women have lived enough to get self-confidence, mind clarity and maturity. Those psychological qualities lead to a much more intense sexual life. They look for their own pleasure and don’t hesitate to get rid of the sexual partners who are not up to the task.

Self confidence translates in physical beauty which is highly attractive for men. Teen university escorts sell little expert sex, contrary to mature escorts in Barcelona. It is a way of telling their clients that they are going to have the best shag in their life by their side because they are real escorts and are up to any man’s expectations.

Depending on their nationality, some women know how to keep themselves fit better than others. Smooth skin of black whores is shinny and a gift to our senses; Cuban escorts are very committed mature escorts, they have the spark of life in their eyes, they have cheerful smiles and they are passionate in bed. Mature Catalan escorts have their agendas full of dates with clients who prefer dating attractive naturally-beautiful women in their forties.

Ages are getting slow, but it is good for everyone to be ten years less in a second. This way, we will have more years to practice golden shower, deep throat, or other mundane pleasures of life. Dear reader, don’t let yourself be so fool to think you actually have ten extra years to turn your dreams into reality. You just simply have to use time with a beautiful mature escort or a teen escort wisely to fulfill your dirtiest and most perverted fantasies. Mature Russian escorts and mature Cuban escorts are available for you, so don’t miss the opportunity to get a date with one of them.

If you are a young and daring client, a sex date with a mature escort will make you feel like Dustin Hoffman between the legs of Mrs. Robynson. Advertising lead us to think that women are done after their thirties, but this statement isn’t true. It’s getting usual to see great-looking mature escorts at the escort clubs in Barcelona.

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