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The most common paraphilias
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The most common paraphilias

Monday 12 June 2017

Before getting deep a little bit in the complex world of paraphilias, let’s understand first what they are about. The word comes from the Greek para- (weird) and -philia (love). A sexual fantasy isn’t the same than a paraphilia. The first can be equivalent to a craving. Something that we want to try because of different reasons. We aren’t obsessed about it, we are simply curious. The second concept goes far beyond. It’s a need. The people who suffer paraphilias are dependent on them. Without them, they don’t get sexually excited, and neither reach orgasm. As we can observe, they are two different situations since there’s a big gap between a free desire and a need.

There are hundreds of paraphilias. We will see some of them on our today’s post, some of them are very well renowned, others not, but all of them performed by the escorts; sometimes performed expertly, other times performed for the first time, but always trying to satisfy the complex human sexuality.


The exhibitionists get sexually excited and reach orgasm only by exhibiting their genitals. They usually use parcs, corners or windows; places where people can see their penis or naked bodies. The most common case are men who look for women’s reaction. They don’t expect to approach women, only that women look at them. That’s what make their adrenaline levels increase, they can even reach orgasm at that precise moment.


This might be the most common paraphilia for women, but it isn’t as common in men. It isn’t weird to see a couple formed by a bad boy and a girl who is just the opposite. These women feel attracted by men who have committed very violent crimes. We are talking about serial killers, true psychopaths who are in jail. They start a pen-pal relationship that can last even for years. They may never touch each other, or may wait for him until he is released. Psychologically, being the partner of a evil man is related to a feeling of protection.


Family therapists often get the visit of very particular couples. He feels horny by looking through the windows of people’s homes. Looking for a woman going out of the shower, watching TV, or having dinner. His wife goes to therapy with him to treat his voyeurism. He only enjoys sex by being a voyeur. The therapist doesn’t take long in finding out that they belong together. He’s a voyeur, she’s an exhibicionist.


This abbreviation means bondage and sadomasochism. People who get deep in this world of whips, insults and humiliations, leather and latex mix both paraphilias. Behaviour codes, submission, slave and mistress are a perfect mix. Many times, the life of submissives becomes a trip to their insides, as he finds out why he behaves that way and heals old wounds. BDSM goes further than sex.

Erotic asphyxiation

Occasionally, we see the death of a famous person on the news. “They found him naked with a kerchief on his neck” is the key to guess that he was looking for the utmost pleasure and definitely found it. David Carradine was found like that in his van during the filming of his last movie. The erotic asphyxiation is a very dangerous practice. So, if we ask an escort to do it, we have to be sure that she knows well how to do it right.


Klismaphilia refers to the pleasure of sexual excitation through the insertion of liquids in the rectum. Like enemas, for instance. Men and women enjoy this fetish equally. The pleasure comes with the pressure of water in the annus. It’s usually practiced solo, however, its breaking point is having someone who applies the enema. This practice is as dangerous as erotic asphyxiation, that’s why we shouldn’t abuse it.

Shoe fetish

This simply refers to the excitation caused by high heel shoes. Something very common. Stilettos, platforms, boots, they are the ideal way to enjoy excitation and reach orgasm. Men who belong to this paraphilia spend a lot of money in buying those shoes to their couples, friends or escorts. Sometimes, the sexual encounter is focused on going shopping to the best shoe shops, so the escort tries the highest heels.


The naming of this paraphilia comes from the word fist. People who fancy fisting need to introduce or be introduced a fist included the wrist, or even the forearm. This practice is displayed on porn movies and it’s a common practice among its followers. The excitation lies in checking out the elasticity of a vagina or an annus.


This fetish refers to those who feel excited only if the person they are sleeping with is a virgin. The aim of these fetishists is being the first one in undressing a girl and observing the most genuine reactions.

Foot fetish

This is the attraction, almost the obsession for feet. The people who practice this foot fetish enjoy sexually seeing feet that look attractive to them. They like touching, caressing, kissing and licking them. But this fetish doesn’t stop here, some people also enjoy getting them in their annus or vagina. This paraphilia is usually mixed with the shoe fetish.


A doll, a mannequin or a sculpture can be the object of desire of a person who likes agalmatophilia. In this fetish, people enjoy caressing and kissing an inert body, talking to it and seducing it. The interaction is the same than the one with real people. The people who are getting in the world of this fetish could ask the escort to act as a mannequin, or even bring their own doll to do a threesome.

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