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Nightclubs and brothels, its benefits

Wednesday 07 May 2014
Facing the power of technologies and the rising of human relationships quenching, we could think whorehouses and brothels are pushed back by the sexual services websites. However it is far from reality, all the opposite, they are moving forward.

According to a Social Security report, whorehouses and 
nightclubs are expanding and getting bigger. And what is exactly a whorehouse or a nightclub? Is this public place with opening times from 5 pm to 3 to 5 am depending on weekdays or weekends schedules. It is essentially a place where people talk to each other in a bar and have some drinks and cocktails.
In a whorehouse or brothel, as the name reveals, the customers meet girls and talk to them checking the “physical and chemical” attraction or vibrations making sure they would like to have sexual intercourse with them.

Physics and Chemistry

Many people, shortly after having sexual encounters with girls through website ads, often say what a big disappointment it was to meet and talk to that lady. “Chemical” feelings or “vibes” between human beings are essential in all kinds of relationships. This is a fact and it cannot be matched at all by the fantasy we create in our heads from an escort picture although there is a thorough description of her personality and body size measurements.

The gentleman who decides to spend a Friday night, for instance in a brothel or a nightclub, can look for sex or else can be happy to just talk and fondle the girls whilst he is having some drinks with them. Technology will never have the capacity to offer these feelings through pictures, videos and descriptions, no matter how thorough they might be, about the 
stunning bodies of these ladies.

Although the sexual encounter must be paid, the “vibes” and feelings between the escort and the customer are well the same even if we wiped off the money factor. Some people give us attraction even if we haven't spoken yet to each other, we only need a glance from the bar we standing at; some others can give us bad “vibes” at the first sight. Internet images don't have the power to transmit any of these “vibes”, they can only arouse the websites' sex seeker but there is no chance to get a hint of anything else. Nevertheless, at a short distance, a glance, a smell, a voice tone, or simply to check the girl's body for a second, without having to read a features list, it is a win-win situation for sure over the phone's apps and the dynamic website competences.

The whorehouse is a place specifically designed to create relationships, it usually doesn't offer massage parlours nor pole-dancing girls, neither striptease or go-go girls. It is a place for sex seeking as it has been over the years, a place to have some drinks in a bar listening to music and having the chance to meet the ladies.

Road brothels versus town brothels

This same Social Security report points at the inclination of the customers for road whorehouses and the closing down of the town whorehouses. The first option give the anonymity bonus and, because of the larger premises, a higher sexual service range. There are plenty of staff working in a brothel: sexual workers, cleaning staff, cooks, managers, caretakers and security staff, between 10 and 100 members overall. The customer usually is passing by, works in the road transport business or simply chooses to take his own customers in order to celebrate a contract agreement.

The expansion of the city brothel

In front of the rising of the road whorehouse, the city brothel stands out. This kind of whorehouse is less noticeable and garish. The ladies don't live there, they only offer their services during the opening times.

There are a lot of advantages over the other brothels. For instance, the discretion and closeness in distance saves the customer of using the car. On top of that, the good relationship between the 
beautiful escorts at beautiful escorts at PerlaNegraBCN matches the healthy, funny and the good taste place's atmosphere. The company's framework has the competence to control thoroughly the services quality and the client's satisfaction.
PerlaNegraBCN is really well-located in Barcelona, and offers the chance of meeting experienced and gorgeous ladies, who can have a nice conversation and give a good time to the customer while he is having a drink, or being his companion if he likes it.
The customer can enjoy stylish safe sex in a seductive feminine atmosphere. Hygiene and health are two sides thoroughly and daily checked by the nightclub's management, this supplies health control to the escorts and offers the customer the option to take this control if he wants it.

One of the brothel's highlights is the cleanliness of the premises, it can be seen either in the nightclub and the 
luxury rooms  the escorts pay for.
During the weekends there is a perfect nightlife set for good fun and seduction. Having a drink in La Perla Negra BCN bar is surely an asset to enjoy a good time with the lovely companions.

If you hesitate between spending your time reading Internet sexual contact ads or else spending time in a real whorehouse and meeting real escorts, “physics and chemistry” or “vibes” and feelings between human beings win the match by far. Reality cannot be compared to pictures, a nice conversation in a bar or a glance from the corner of the room are unbeatable.
In the brothel the customer can be seduced by the best escort, the one he fancies, no tricks, no photoshopping, no oversized body curves' measurements, only the real woman.

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